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What’s in Your Jewelry?

In bygone days jewelry was only for the privileged, nowadays though jewelry can be a birthday gift or Christmas present. It can say I love you or even have a nice day!

Popular jewelry was once small and sedate but now it is the Eastern and tribal styles found in Africa and Asia that are becoming more popular. Only the wealthy could at one time afford sterling silver, but now it has become more affordable. Plain silver jewelry has lost none of its popularity with the return to several of the classic styles of dress.

In the dark ages men and women wore silver crosses for superstitious reasons and they have remained an integral part of the foundation of jewelry design ever since. I think nearly everyone must have owned or worn a simple cross at some point in their lives.

Silver has been mined for centuries and has always been popular in jewelry and for coinage, but the demand for silver been only been so great in the past century even though other countries now have coins made from other metals, replacing the silver ones.

In order to give Sterling silver strength it is made from silver ore, this is then combined with other metal alloys .100% pure silver ore is very pliable and tends not to remain as it is formed and quickly loses its shape. Copper is added to the silver as this provides the necessary strength to hold its shape and it does not alter the color of the silver.

Sterling silver is required to have some sort of recognized hallmark or to be stamped. There will be .925 or with a 9.25 marked on it and that refers to the minimum amount of pure silver needed in its composition in order to be called Sterling silver.

The price of silver is about $18 an ounce but this can fluctuate greatly. In fact, between July 1, 2003 and November 30, 2006, the price of silver increased more than 200%

Silver has been known since ancient times and has long been valued as a metal, used to make ornaments, jewelry, high-value tableware and utensils and currency coins. Today, silver metal is used in jewelry, electrical contacts and conductors and in mirrors. It is used photographic film and in disinfectants obviously not as it is, the scientists have to do there bit to it first! A well known plaster company has made a plaster with silver nanoparticles which are believed by scientists to be antibacterial as it disrupts enzymes in bacteria.

When you are shopping for Sterling silver jewelry, you will find that prices can fluctuate. If you check the market prices on the internet this can be a good indication as to the price of silver, it does tend to fluctuate as it is considered a precious metal.

If you find an item of silver that is priced very low it could be that it is only silver plated, that it is not genuine or perhaps you really have found a bargain.. If you find .925 on the back then it is genuine

Plain silver will never go out of style It has been around since 4000bc and today silver jewelry it can be found at any local jewelry store, on my web pages or even eBay !.

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