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Priscilla Presleys Plastic Surgery – Is She Plastic Too?

Living in a town where there is a constant struggle to look good, Hollywood stars would not mind if they have to shell out their living just to pay a cosmetic surgeon to maintain their look. Or this is what they think. There are numbers of celebrities that turned out to be a horror flick villain than typical humans. Bad plastic surgery takes place no matter how advance technology is at the present. These people are pressured to look good because it is a trend in a society that they want to belong to. They failed to give due importance to their brains thus they end up as empty desperados. Among the lists of celebrities that unluckily jump on the bandwagon of erroneously done plastic surgery is Priscilla Presley who is the former wife of no other than Elvis. She had competed on the famed US show entitled Dancing With The stars. Priscilla Presley’s plastic surgery was done by an unlicensed doctor; rumors have it that she was injected with industrial low-grade silicone often employed by mechanics to grease their car parts. Just think how big the mess that this 62-year old woman did to herself.

Talk about the culprit, it was Dr. Daniel Serrano who was reportedly the same doctor who treated the ex wife of Lionel Richie. It was believed that the man was merely a licensed nurse during the time when he performed the disturbing cosmetic procedure in 2003. Because of this, Serrano was investigated after patients complained that they had paralysis, lumps, and craters on the face following the procedure.

Bad things happen to those that are evil. In the year 2004, the surgeon was arrested and charged with lawful suits in relation to illegal injections. After then, he was sentenced for 18 months imprisonment after pleading guilty over the conspiracy, smuggling, and used of unapproved drugs during the year 2006.

Surprisingly, after Priscilla Presley’s plastic surgery that end up in great failure, she managed to still fix her face again. Talking about what money can do. According to people closest to her, she had the whole feature of her face corrected to hide her age. No one can deny that she became successful over this goal however her faced look excessively Botoxed. If you try to compare her looks when she was younger, it would not be hard to guess that she had implants on her cheeks since only the dummies would believe that it was all because of diet. It was like getting blood over a stone, diet never equaled to fine looks. Originally, her face was sharply shaped, and she has a very distinctive jaw line but when you look at her at present, you will see a face which is wider. The word is out that the look was because of mid face lift which is a surgery that gathered quite a number of controversies since the dangers involved are high. Also, when an unskilled surgeon carried out the procedure then the outcome is expected to be a complete havoc!

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