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Make-Up and Your Skin

Using cosmetics undoubtedly disguises a woman’s age. A moderate use of make-up even makes many women look younger. A lot depends on the shades and style you use, to camouflage what you intend to conceal. In fact, make up colors and styles are known for sending different signals about a woman’s age. Here are a few guidelines that women can take into account while using make-up.

How make-up can conceal age

When it comes to make-up to conceal your age, the basic elements used are concealer sticks and foundations. A concealer stick helps to cover up small areas that need to be camouflaged. But concealers are thick and opaque and do not work well on thin, delicate skin. They also tend to remain visible around the creases. Hence care should be taken to use them only on the thick areas of the skin or on areas that do not have creases.

Foundations are used over areas that have thin skin or when large areas of facial skin have to be covered. Make sure that the foundation you use during day time has a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF).

How to select the right make-up

Pick a concealer stick and a foundation that matches your complexion. Try the make-up on your facial skin first. An application of the right make-up should not give your complexion a superficial and made-up look.

You can zero in on the concealer stick and foundation by applying a couple of shades on different areas of your face at the same time. You judge the differences in the color of the make-up. Choose one that comes closest to your complexion.

Here are a few tips that will help you select the right shade:

• If you cannot find a foundation for your pale complexion, go for one that is lighter in shade.

• If you have a fair complexion, select a foundation that is darker than your complexion.

• A matte foundation is ideal if your complexion is not shiny in appearance.

• A radiant tone for the foundation is ideal, if you have a shiny complexion.

Guidelines for using eye makeup

Focusing strongly on the eye lashes without giving them a made-up look will help conceal crow’s feet. Dark grey mascara for pale skin and brown mascara for sultry complexions can be ideal when it comes to concealing crow’s feet. Fixing long upper and lower eyelashes help in concealing pouchy eyes. Drooping eyebrows can be elevated by shading them with an eyebrow pencil of the right shade.

For drooping eyelids, fixing long upper eye lashes are a plausible solution. Curl them in such a way that they are turned up. The eye shadow should be brushed in upward side strokes. If there are dark circles under your eyes, use eye shadow of the right skin tone. Using the concealer stick mildly before applying foundation also helps.

A word of caution before applying make-up

Applying make-up poorly does not necessarily conceal age. If it is not applied with skill and caution, you end up with a messy look. It can even make people around you conclude that your make-up is intended to camouflage your age, and cause you embarrassment. On a different note, it is best to choose well-known cosmetic brands to prevent skin irritations and breakouts.

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