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Lose Face Fat Cosmetic Surgery Options: Facial Liposuction vs Buccal Fat Extraction

Nobody wants to have to deal with fat on their face, and it can be very difficult indeed to lose face fat once you have got it. The simple fact is that while there are ways, including improved exercise and dietary consumption, to lose weight, but there is no guarantee that the face fat will come off right away.

You may find that, even after hitting your target weight, you still have some chubbiness in your cheeks, neck or other areas that bothers you. You also may have issues with not having as strong a chin as you would like, which can lead to the appearance of a dreaded “double chin”.

Cosmetic Surgery Options

Some of the best ways to lose face fat are through cosmetic surgery, because it bypasses all of these potential issues. Here, we will compare and contrast two of the more popular cosmetic surgery options for addressing facial fat: facial liposuction and buccal fat extraction.

What to Expect

First, let’s talk about how each treatment method works. Facial liposuction literally is a method of sucking fat from areas where you have trouble, such as under the chin. A small incision and a thin tube are used to remove the fat from the troublesome areas. With buccal fat extraction, incisions are often used so that a surgeon may remove some of the excess fat pads that are found in your cheeks.

The side effects are widely different with each kind of treatment. In the case of buccal fat extraction, you can go home the same day and pretty much go about all of your normal activities, although you may be groggy from anesthetics for a couple of days. With facial liposuction, recovery can be much more difficult, taking weeks after the process before you are “back to normal”. The procedure itself only takes about 45 minutes, however.

The results will typically be excellent with either procedure, and the main difference is that buccal fat extraction tends to target the cheeks and not the area under the chin, which is often the targeted area with facial liposuction. Often, people undergo both buccal fat extraction and facial liposuction.

How much is it going to cost you?

In terms of cost, the two procedures are fairly similar, as well. However, facial liposuction does tend to be a bit less expensive, often ranging from $1,500 all the way up to $3,800. Meanwhile, buccal fat extraction is about $2,000 at lowest rates, with a possibility of a cost of $5,000. There may be supplementary fees, too, such as lab fees, tests that must be undergone, and even anesthesia costs, if they are billed separately.

You really can’t find a better way to lose face fat than to undergo one of these types of cosmetic surgery. The risks of any setbacks are very small, and the results are absolutely excellent. It may be more costly than other methods, but with that cost comes the assurance that you won’t have to “settle” for less than the results you have always wanted.

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