Interesting Facts About Jewelry Box

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General definition of a jewelry box?

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According to wikipedia; a jewelery box is a receptacle for trinkets and jewels. It may take a very modest form, covered in leather and lined with satin, or it may reach the monumental proportions of the jewel cabinets which were made for Marie Antoinette, one of which is at Windsor, and another at Versailles, the work of Schwerdfeger as cabinet maker, Degault as miniature painter, and Thomire as chaser.

They are often made in precious materials, such as gold, silver or ivory. In ancient East Asia, jewelry box often made in wood, china, or covered with silk. Some of these jewelry box could be collected as decorative boxes.

Why a Jewelry box?

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You see, girls have a lot of jewelry and they need a place to put their jewelries in, and that’s where a jewelry box comes in. It’s designed to keep the jewelry safe, and on top of that it’s also represent their personality since there are vast amount of designs such as a cultured theme jewelry box, a favorite cartoon character themed box, even some can actually play music when it’s opened. Although when we think of jewelry box we will straight away think of female customers, there are in fact jewelry boxes made for men and even for children.

OK, you’ll probably start to think “why on earth men need jewelry boxes?”, right? well, when they buy for example a $5.000,- watch where do you think they will put it when they’re not wearing it? or says they buy cuff links with diamonds on top, they surely need a place to put them.

Materials to Make a Jewelry box

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Nowadays a jewelry box can be made out of literally almost any kind of materials such as wooden board, silver, porcelain, plastic, nickel, leather, glass, fabric, enamel, crystal, even cardboard. It really depends on your creativity, if you google “jewelry box materials” you’ll get to see so many different materials, size and design of jewelry box. Of course certain material goes very well with certain jewelry but there’s one thing in common, they are chosen to keep your jewelry safe and secure.

Typical places to buy a jewelry box

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You can easily obtain a jewelry box at your local store in your neighborhood or you can go shopping online. The good thing about shopping online is, you will have a massive selection of design to choose, which allow you to find one that really suits your style or person you are getting it for. From the price wise, I believe you’ll spend more less similar amount of cash but normally online shop often offer good deals such as buy 2 get 3 or maybe free delivery for certain distance, etc.

A jewelry box: The Making

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In any particular event maybe you want to create a customized jewelry box for a very specific purpose, then you can try to create your own jewelry box from an inexpensive yet has relatively good quality materials such as metallic or plastic cardboard, cardboard, or even a candy box covered with gift paper or fabric. Regarding the detailed instruction such as a step by step guide, it can be found by simply google “How To Make A Jewelry Box”, there you’ll find more than enough information and designs that suits your taste


Basically a jewelry box is a container to put jewelry safe and secure. They come in many different materials and design to match your personality and also act as part of your room decoration in general. Local store or online store are places where you can easily obtain jewelry boxes, good things about online store are that you will have more selection to choose from, also you might get your self a very good bargain or in the other hand, if you wish to have a jewelry box that really suit your needs then you can try to create one your self since you can easily find a detailed instruction on how to do that.