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How to Select the Right Underwear

Selecting undergarments can be a tedious task for sure, especially if you are a woman. In general, selecting underwear is less troublesome if the underwear is meant for the lower half of the body. The upper half of the body requires a special trial in order to finally converge upon a decision. There are various factors that need to be considered before selecting underwear – both for men and women. Let’s take a closer look…

Factors Influencing the Choice of Underwear

One important measurement that needs to be kept in perspective before selecting the right underwear is – the waist or hip size in relation to the pattern of the underwear. Since various types of underwear are worn and fit at different heights on your body, the size would be determined by the type and pattern of underwear you are buying. So, men’s as well as women’s underwear need to be chosen with care and you just can’t go and buy a particular size. You have to ensure that you relate the size to the pattern and type of underwear.

Apart from size, the next important thing to be considered is the elasticity and comfort. Different occasions and garments call for a different undergarment to be worn for/ under them. Formal wear calls for more comfort under them since they are a little restrictive themselves. Hence the undergarment under the formal wear should have good elasticity and preferable should not have an irritant like the brand tag attached to it. A very well known brand has come up with a concept of underwear without the tag attached to it.

Elasticity, especially at the waist or hip, is of relevance. Constant itching, irritation or restrictive feel due to or within the underwear can lead to rashes, infections or a long-term health problem.

Women’s Underwear

For women, the types of underwear available are: knickers, bikini underwear, thongs and G-strings. The purpose, utility and appeal for each of these are certainly different. However, comfort is one common factor that influences your decision no matter what type of underwear you are buying.

Again, as mentioned earlier, the size, the measurement and the feel are very important aspects worth considering before buying underwear for women. One more criteria of importance that should be taken into account is the fabric of the underwear. This will influence your comfort level when you wear the underwear.

Knickers, the simplest type of everyday underwear is made up of cotton, silk or linen. Bikini underwear is available in fabrics like Lycra according to its utility. Thongs and G-string are usually made up of a flexible and elastic material like spandex.

Once the elasticity wears off, it is essential to change the undergarment for simple reasons like hygiene and personal care. Protecting the female genitalia was the primary reason for the invention of the female underwear but over the time it has evolved into an accessory to be shown off and garnered publicity for a la celebrities.

Wearing the right underwear certainly makes an impact through personal comfort and the evident confidence. Now that you know what all factors to consider while buying underwear, don’t just go and buy any underwear. Buy the underwear that is comfortable for you and buy different kinds of underwear for different purposes. That’s the way to go.

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