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History of Handbags

Handbags Have Been An Important Part Of Fashion History From The Time When People Have Had Something Adorable To Carry Around And Only The Style And Design Have Changed As Years Passed.

Bags are containers used to hold valuables and often carried by most people of all ages. This container can be a receptacle of leather, plastic, paper, cloth or others that are capable enough to contain items in one carry. Handbags have been an important part of fashion history from the time when people have had something adorable to carry around and only the style and design have changed as years passed.

During the 14th century, Egyptian hieroglyphs show pouches carried around the waist. These were attached to what were popularly known as “girdles” that surround the waist. Early rich people have different kinds of elegant embellishments like embroidered designs and jewels to show their status and influence in society.

Anna by Anuschka Satchel Handbag | Genuine Leather

During the 16th century, handbags gained its creativity and practicality with the use of basic or common materials such as leather with a drawstring fastener on the top. At this period, such items made from cloth were made larger for travelers which were carried diagonally across the body. And when the next century came, more variety of fashionable handbags were born, like small purses carried by fashionable men and women which have more complex style, design and shape.

During this time, young girls were taught how to embroider and this skill gained a lot importance, which made them noticeable as years went by. Today we continuously see the rise of beautiful and unique artistic creations for handbags.

Women's Soft Genuine Leather Tote Bag, Top Satchel Purses and Handbags

In 18th century, Neo-classical clothing are known to be very popular. During this time, purses are unideal to carry because fashionable men and women enjoyed using reticules. Women had lots of different bags for every celebration they were attending, and it had been an argument on magazines and tabloids on how to properly carry these purses. In the early 1990’s, handbags first came into use and generally pointed to hand-held luggage which are typically carried by men.

These became an inspiration for new sets of accessories which were popularly used by women, including handbags with complex features like difficult fasteners, compartments and locks. The rise of this fashion inspired jewelers to add special compartments for opera glasses, cosmetics and others.

Handbags for Women Large Designer Ladies Hobo bag Bucket Purse Faux Leather

Today, the growth of different styles and designs of handbags are increasing constantly, from clutches, purses to totes. Obviously, these items became women’s best friend where they can make an ideal accessory during special events like weddings, anniversaries, red carpet and black-tie parties. These accessories are great to complete any wardrobe for both men and women of all ages.

For youngsters, totes can make great accessories to fit their stylish and sassy personality. Also, there are different types of options fitted for professionals, one of the most popular are leather-made handbags, briefcases and travel luggage.

Louis Vuitton Shoulder Cross Body Handbag

You can find arrays of different custom-made items at your local retail stores and online stores. Items like embroidered totes, personalized make-up bags and cases, personalized evening purses and more. Purchase it for your own collection or give it as a special gift for girl friends.

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