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Choosing Men’s Silver Rings

Among various pieces of jewelry, silver rings are probably the most used by men. Rings are simple and discreet but powerful. A thick silver band can make men look more masculine and commanding. Of course, if you’re a businessman, avoid wearing too many men’s silver rings. One in either the left or the right hand should be enough.

Picking the Patterns and the Thickness

As a general rule, the thicker the men’s silver ring is, the more masculine it looks. However, you shouldn’t wear rings which would make your fingers appear stunted. If you are planning to purchase these rings online, have your finger measured first and make sure you’re purchasing the right size. Try out rings of different thicknesses too and find out which one looks best on your finger.

Most men like minimal patterns on their silver rings. However, there are some rings now which are designed with ancient alphabets, thorn patterns, or dragons. There’s no hard rule in choosing the best patterns for men. Simple choose one which represents who you really are. You’ll know which patterns to choose, too, based on what is acceptable within your social circle.

Taking Care of Your Silver Rings

You should maintain the appearance of your silver rings by polishing it regularly. Nothing is more unattractive than a tarnished silver ring. Dirty, blackening silver rings can also cause irritation in your skin. Keep your rings clean by using polishing cloths or solutions. Most silver retailers can provide these materials for you.

For silver cleaning solutions, use gloves. The solution is not supposed to be touched by bare human hands because it can cause irritation. Limit the frequency of your polishes too because the more you polish your rings, the thinner it gets. About once or twice every three months should do it.

If you want to keep your rings new-looking without polishing it too frequently, keep it out of moisture. Your hand will sweat naturally when you wear thick rings. To protect the metal from your sweat, just take it off once in a while and wipe off the inner surface of the ring with soft cloth. Do not wear your silver rings when you are taking a bath, swimming, or when you are washing the car or the dishes. You should also take the ring off if you are handling tools like pliers because you wouldn’t want to dent or scratch your rings.

Where to Keep Rings

You should keep your silver rings in a cushioned, dark and dry container when you are not wearing them. This way, they won’t rust or corrode. The container should also be kept in cool to room temperature. Abrupt temperature changes can damage your rings. If, after all this care you still find that your rings are tarnishing and blackening permanently, you should check the engraving on the inside surface of your ring. It should be marked “Sterling Silver”, “925” or “S.S”. If you can’t find this engraving, there’s a possibility that you didn’t buy a stainless silver ring, but a plated silver ring. These are cheaper but not as sturdy as silver rings.

For more information on Men’s Silver Rings and Cubic Zirconia Rings, visit Almost Diamonds at

For more information on Men’s Silver Rings and Cubic Zirconia Rings, visit Almost Diamonds at

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