The Mattress Is Not Always The Cause Of Morning Back Pain

A lot of people wake up in the morning with a back pain. Often you would look at your mattress as being the cause of this pain and your first impulse would be to buy a new one. In most cases this will be the solutions to your problem.

One of the most common causes of back pain in the morning is bad support for your back while sleeping. But before you set out to buy a new mattress, or when your second mattress didn’t bring any relief, we should rule out some other probable causes for that back pain in the morning.

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When your in good health and you don’t have a history of morning back pain then you probably do have to look at the mattress first. There are people who can sleep on any surface and still wake up without any pain anywhere but most people do experience a pain when they sleep on a lumpy mattress. And when the pain increases as time gets by and the mattress becomes even worse then buying a new one is probably the solution.

So when the above doesn’t apply to you then we should look at other possible causes. Some athletic persons who are in a perfect physical condition are known to suffer from a morning back pain. And in their case it doesn’t matter what type of mattress they use, the problem they are having has nothing to do with a mattress. Their back pain in the morning comes from oxygen starved muscles.

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During the day, while getting an extreme workout, the muscles in their body are pumped up with a large amount of fresh oxygen, but during the night that fresh supply is not coming in. People with sleep apnea are having similar problems. For the athletic person the solution would be to stop the extreme exercises or just to deal with the pain in the morning knowing that it will go away ones they start their daily workout routine.

Sleeping Wrong, another Likely Suspect

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Many people would tell you that there is no wrong way of sleeping, well there is. When the alignment between you back and other bones and muscles is wrong you can have lots of pain, all though it usually is of short duration. So when you wake up with a morning back pain and it is not because your mattress is bad then it might be that you are sleeping wrong,

Always be aware of the alignment of your spine. People sleeping on their back often seem to wake up with a morning back pain in the neck region and the upper back. Having your head in an odd angle throughout the night or sleeping on your side and your head raised by pillows is also known to cause pain in the morning. Placing extra pillows that help to align the spine could help in relieving the pain you feel waking up in the morning.

Remember that you should always consult your doctor when the back pain in the morning doesn’t disappear. Better save then sorry.