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How To Pay Less For Term Life Insurance By Losing Weight

For some, losing weight is pure vanity. Some people make a decision to look better and feel better. For others, losing weight is a health issue. Many people fail to associate term life insurance quotes with weight and obesity. Some find themselves with high life insurance rates, but are unsure why they are high. If you have a clean driving record and don’t drink alcohol, it may be confusing why your rates may be higher than others. There is hope, however, for those who are overweight. Losing weight can actually lower your term life insurance quotes.

Why Does Weight Affect Term Life Insurance Quotes?

Term life insurance quotes are based on several factors and the weight of an applicant is one of the factors. In America, weight has never been scrutinized as much as it is now. People are slowly beginning to realize the incredibly negative affect that being overweight can have on the human body. Heart attacks, strokes, and other diseases and illnesses are being connected to obesity. This is unfortunate for Americans. We’ve become the most obese nation in the world. The percentage of people who are obese is rapidly rising in America. There are over 120 Million Americans who are considered overweight. Over 8 million Americans are considered obese. This means that they are putting themselves in direct danger due to their weight.

Because life insurance companies factor in health when providing term life insurance quotes and rates, it’s easy to see why the premiums fluctuate with weight. Term life insurance companies want their clients living a long and healthy life, which reduces the percentage possibility that the company will have to pay out because of death. Because weight effects health and therefore affects life span, weight can be seen as a danger. Find out more on how you can receive no obligation term life insurance quotes by visiting

Unlike alcohol consumption and smoking, it’s very easy for term life insurance companies to understand the client’s weight, and draw some health conclusions from that. Doctors have come up with “healthy” weights for individuals by looking at their age, sex, and height. They can understand what a “healthy weight” is for that specific individual. This does not mean that anyone applying for life insurance should be stick skinny. This simply means that they need to have a healthy weight for their body. If someone is over their healthy weight by 20-30 pounds, life insurance companies begin to take notice, and may be reflected on your term life insurance quotes.

How Can Losing Weight Lower My Term Life Insurance Quotes and Rates?

Losing weight can do wonders for your term life insurance quotes and rates. There is one tip when applying for term life insurance you should be aware of. You cannot be forced to take a new medical exam once you have completed the mandatory one. What you can do, however, is request a new medical exam at any time, and as often as you want. For those who already have policies, this can be beneficial. If you’ve lost enough weight, you may be within the healthy weight threshold, and have your rates adjusted. Some companies offer incentives and benefits for losing the weight. Because of this, losing weight can actually save you money. Having weight issues can be stressful on both your mind and your body. Unfortunately, the health risks associated with having a weight that is not considered healthy are enough to cause changes in term life insurance quotes and rates. Taking control of your weight, and body can help save you money and improve your health. Get more information about term life insurance by visiting

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