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Health Fitness and Whiter Teeth

Many who enter in to the world of teeth whitening are already working on other elements of their health, wealth and fitness as they seek to improve themselves.

It will take something in our lives to trigger something that inspires to make these improvements but sometimes we need the kick to help to keep sight on our personal wellbeing and health in check.

We see the rich and famous looking fabulous and this is sometimes the inspiration we need to get us going to the gym, running, walking, having our hair and skin treated and lastly but not least teeth whitening has come in to the fold as we seek to have brighter teeth as part of making us look younger and healthier when we smile.

Unlike some of the above (and we have not even discussed cosmetic treatments or surgery!) then teeth whitening must rank pretty high on the list for being the most affordable combined with long lasting. A typical gym membership is not cheap, nor is going to the hair dressers every few weeks so at least with whitening it falls in to a cheaper category altogether.

Depending on what teeth whitening system you choose there are either the diy kits which can be purchased in your local supermarket or on the net and these range from a few pounds to higher priced systems like the zoom whitening or power teeth whitening which requires just one visit and will cost a few hundred pounds in total.

The choice will primarily depend on available budget and also if you need the teeth to look white for a particular occasion like a wedding as an example. If you have a tight budget then you will have to accept you will need to put more work in and also results are not instant as the diy kits are weaker in strength and therefore take longer to remove the staining to reveal whiter teeth.

If you the type that cannot be bothered with using a home kit in the mouth regularly for around ten to fourteen days for about an hour at a time then go for the more expensive light based system as these will take less effort and time. The diy kits are very useful for keeping teeth white and once the staining has been lifted the home kit will ensure the staining stays away and keeps the teeth bright and healthy looking.

The light based systems are not perfect but do offer an instant solution and because the whitening gel is the highest strength available will whiten the teeth as best as possible in around 90 minutes including the consultation visit. This will get deeper in the teeth to lift the staining we achieve as we mature so this another reason these systems has a higher success rate than the diy kits.

Whatever you select when it comes to teeth whitening just keep your overall objectives clear and do let some the marketing hype you read on the net put you off and always see your dentist first.

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