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Cleansing Diets: A Guide To Finding The Right One For You

There Are So Many Choices Among Cleansing Diets, It Is Difficult To Distinguish Which One Is Best For You. By Definition And Practice Cleansing Diets Remove Toxins From Your Body By Diet Modification, Herbs And Elimination Of Toxins From Your Environment.

There are so many choices among cleansing diets, it is difficult to distinguish which one is best for you. By definition and practice cleansing diets remove toxins from your body by diet modification, herbs and elimination of toxins from your environment.

Several of the most well known cleansing diets are (the): Raw Food Diet, Diuretic Diet, Fat Flush Diet, Lemonade Diet, Liquid Diets, Liver Cleansing Diets, and Ultra Simple Diet. There are also several alternatives which address problems in specific areas of the body, such as liver and colon. There are also fasting and juice fasting cleansing diets. Not every diet is the right one for everyone. It is important to research them thoroughly to determine which one is the right one for you.

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First, be sure you understand what exactly a “cleansing diet” is. It is one which helps the body “detox” or removes harmful chemicals, toxins and/or pollutants. Your body may be exposed to or ingest these toxins through a variety of means including, unhealthy eating, environmental factors such as smoke and pollution, chemicals from common household cleaners, food additives or medications including some prescription medications.

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Each person’s body is designed to remove toxins and waste naturally from our system through elimination, but sometimes just like everything else it needs a little help. A cleansing diet does just that, provides your body with help removing and eliminating toxins from your body naturally. It also helps your body perform this function more efficiently on its own, after the cleansing diet has ended. Physical symptoms that you may need a cleansing diet include; fatigue, aches and pains, headaches, and digestive problems.

There are three key factors to consider when choosing the best cleansing diet for you.

1. Your Cleansing Diet should Educate You about and Eliminate Harmful Foods

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The diet you choose should teach you which foods are healthy, which foods help you body release toxins better and which foods should be eliminated from your lifestyle entirely. It should include a list of foods that are best for your diet and health, as well as reasons for choosing those foods. The diet should also include foods that are harmful and why you should avoid them.

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Your cleansing, as well as everyday diet should contain foods high in fiber and water to naturally encourage your body to release toxins through frequent urination and bowel movements. Your diet should provide you with healthy food alternatives and information about specific foods that are wrongfully considered healthy. Foods such as meats, poultry and dairy products from the grocery store are considered “healthy” but only if you are purchasing organic or items that are free of pesticides and hormones.

Without this information you may end up putting toxins back into your system. Additional food choices that should be avoided in a cleansing diet are: saturated fats, sugars, fried foods and flour as well as those foods commonly associated with allergies.

2. Your Cleansing Diet should Provide Alternatives to Medicines

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The choice you make should include information and direction on vitamins, minerals, and medicinal alternatives. Especially during a cleansing diet you should avoid the use of over the counter, prescription and recreational drugs.

The choice you make should provide information and direction on alternatives that include natural remedies, herbs and homeopathic medicines for commonly used drugs. It should provide information on the vitamins and minerals you need to obtain through the foods on the diet as well as any supplements you may need during the diet. Be sure it includes supplements that provide you with anti oxidants.

However, the diet you choose should not be too Dependant on supplements in providing you with the detoxification you need to achieve health, but should concentrate on providing you with your nutrients through healthy foods.

3. Your Cleansing Diet Should Help You Eliminate Toxins from Your Environment

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An effective cleansing diet will direct you towards other forms of treatment and care such as acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage therapy as substitutes for medicines. Additionally it will provide you with alternatives to your current cleaning products, detergents and cosmetics that will help you achieve the best possible results during your cleansing diet, as well as reduce your risk of future exposure.

The choice you make for a cleansing diet depends on you and your needs. However it should; educate you as to what and where you are getting your toxins; teach you to avoid toxins through the use of behavioral and dietary changes; and help you learn safe and effective ways to keep your body healthy in between cleansings.

The purpose of a cleansing diet is two fold. First it is to stop the harmful intake of toxins to your body and secondly to flush the toxins out. Make sure you choice is effective in both areas. However, it should also help your body process toxins more efficiently; keeping you healthy after your cleansing diet is ended.


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