Betalains: Nopalea’s Wonder Antioxidant

Nopalea Juice contains a special ingredient that can fight toxins on a cellular level, prevent premature aging and reduce inflammation. The ingredients are called betalains.

Here are some of the benefits betalains in Nopalea juice:

1. Reduces your risk of blood clots by reducing inflammation that can lead to ruptures and clots

2. Protects your body’s molecular cells from toxins you get from the air, food, environment

3. Helps reduce toxins that target your liver

Betalains inhibit a special enzyme that is linked to an increase in chronic inflammation. Betalains are a rare pigment, but can also found in some other foods, including spinach, beets and Swiss chard. Betalains are believed to help clean out the body. by drinknig juice from this cactus, people can help reduce the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar so they can avoid some of the ailments that result from high cholesterol and blood sugar that is too high.

For hundreds of years, the prickly pear cactus, which is also known as the Opuntia and Nopal Cactus, has lived in the Sonoran desert. Nopalea juice is made by taking off the cactus’s spines and squeezing juice from the pulp of the Prickly Pear Cactus. This plant, a native of Mexico, is also eaten as a vegetable, grilled up and tasting like green beans. Although the plant is a Mexican native, it now grows all across the United States and Mexico and is now being grown in countries around the world. Even the Aztecs took advantage of its many benefits as both a food and medicine.

Colorful red, purple or yellow blossoms that erupt on the plant can also be eaten. Once the spines are removed, of course. The Nopal cactus can reach as high as 20 feet high. The cactus is now considered an antioxidant rich plant and researchers are now claiming it also has anti-inflammatory properties

Betalains are a special pigment that cleanses the inside of the body. It is believed by drinking prickly pear cactus juice — which contains the betalians — people can significantly drop both cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Now that scientists are aware of the plant’s connection to chronic inflammation — and its ability to reduce it — more and more studies are being conducted to see if ingesting the plant can help prevent or reduce the ailments of serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

Nearly a decade ago, a front page article in Time magazine told the world about the connection between inflammation and several serious conditions. The article explained how the body’s reaction to bacterial and microbotic invaders is to respond with inflammation. However, it only becomes a problem when the inflammation continues once the invaders have been destroyed. When the inflammation does not turn itself off, it becomes chronic and attacks the body instead of protecting it.

This means that the protective response to being attacked is reversed and becomes an attack in itself. Scientists think this might be the underlying cause of many serious conditions, including diabetes, colon cancer and arthritis. There seems to be a really strong connection to eating prickly pear cactus and the ability to reduce diabetes by lowering the blood sugar levels.

University of California in San Francisco scientists have claimed that the extract of the plant helps with reducing inflammation. As a result, the ailments that inflammation causes are reduced. It is also believed that ingesting the prickly pear cactus before drinking alcohol will reduce the bad side effects of a hangover.

Frank Yocanis has been researching and writing about Nopalea Side Effects for the past decade. He has even traveled to the Sonoran desert half a dozen times to study Nopalea Ingredients in the plant