How to Tell If Your Wife is About to Leave You – 5 Signs

As a married man, you obviously value the sanctity of the relationship you share with your wife. Marriage can be a wonderful thing, and it touches so many different parts of our lives. Our finances, sex life, source of friendship, and how we spend our time on evenings and weekends are all greatly affected by our marital situation.

Of course, marriages do not always go well. Every marriage has times when things seem bleak. And, sometimes, it can feel as if the two of you have drifted so far apart that you could be heading for divorce.

Sometimes, the signs of a pending divorce are very clear, but at other times trying to guess the intentions of your partner can be tricky at best. If you suspect that your wife may be preparing to leave you, that can be an unsettling and even scary thought. It would be helpful for you to know some of the common signs that a woman is preparing to leave her marriage. That way, you could figure out your next move.

If you are wondering how to tell if your wife is about to leave you, here are 5 signs to watch out for:

1. Your wife has recently taken up a number of new hobbies and interests all at once:

For better or worse, most of us fall into pretty predictable living patterns in our lives. We get complacent and comfortable – and maybe even a bit boring. However, that’s okay for most of us. That’s why, if your wife has suddenly taken up a lot of new hobbies and interests unexpectedly, she may be simply on the verge of a new level of self-discovery. Or, she could be spreading her wings before flying away from your marriage.

2. She has been spending more time out with friends:

If your wife has been spending a lot of time with friends out of the house, she may be testing out her rusty mingling and social skills in preparation for leaving the marriage.

3. She doesn’t share her thoughts with you on almost any meaningful subjects:

Have you found lately that your wife is less and less interested in letting you in on her deepest thoughts and feelings? Do you notice that she rarely talks to you about her hopes, her dreams, and even her troubles like she used to?

4. You find that she has taken an increased interest in her appearance for no obvious reason:

Women who are preparing to leave a marriage sometimes find themselves wanting to look their best in preparation for the next phase of their life. Getting a gym membership, buying new clothes, and trying a new perfume scent are common manifestations of this.

5. She often seems busy making calls or checking things online in a way that she never did before:

Have you noticed that your wife has been particularly busy lately making phone calls, sending e-mails and checking out strange new websites in a way that breaks from her past patterns?

Of course, no single sign or set of signs is proof of anything. But, since you are already feeling suspicious about your wife’s intentions toward your marriage, you know enough to know that things aren’t quite right. Given your current feelings about the marriage, if any of the above-mentioned signs are present in your household you may be witnessing her preparations for leaving you.

If you do believe your wife is about to leave you, don’t panic. There are ways you can still save your marriage and get back on the path to happiness together again.

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