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What You Need to Know About St Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Florida is a beautiful city, like many of the cities in Florida. One of the best things is the gorgeous skyline at night. If you ever see a picture of this, it will take your breath away. But nothing beats seeing it in person!

Why do people love St. Petersburg so much? The main reason is that it has more sunshine than most places in the USA. It has been reported that St. Petersburg can average up to 360 days of sunshine every year! That is a lot of sun!

So why do people want the sun? Doesn’t that get boring? Apparently not! In fact, research shows that sunlight has many positive effects on our health and wellness, as well as our emotional well-being.

You may be thinking, “But what about sunburn?” Good point. Wouldn’t living in St. Petersburg mean that you’d get sunburn or develop some skin condition from so much sunlight exposure? Obviously, that is a silly conclusion to draw. That skyline mentioned above would not be there if the residents hadn’t believed this was a great city to live in!

The thing about sunlight is that you have to find ways to deal with it. (For northerners who long for a warm climate, this wouldn’t take much arm twisting to achieve!) First of all, you limit your exposure to the sun by wearing hats, sunscreen, and staying indoors for part of the day.

Another issue that people worry about with a lot of warm weather is air conditioning bills. This is a valid concern. But think about it this way: would you rather be paying for air conditioning to keep a nice temperature inside and be able to go out into paradise every day—or would you prefer the northern states’ winter months where you have sky-high heating bills and go outside only to see dreary grey skies and bone-chilling temps? Most people would not prefer the latter!

St. Petersburg is also booming with opportunity. It is the second largest metropolitan area in the state. There would be no shortage of great career choices, and endless things to do on your days off. That is, if you weren’t already satisfied chilling out on the beach sipping cocktails when you get off work every day.

Although this may seem like a stretch, sunny weather also prevents the negative side effects found in areas with cold weather and precipitation. One example is the accidents that occur due to rain, sleet, snow and ice. This can hike up insurance rates and can cost you your life and health. This is not as much a worry in a place like St. Petersburg, FL.

Cold weather also puts a damper on your ability to be mobile. When there is a lot of snow, some states put out mandates to stay indoors and stay off the roads. As if it weren’t hard enough when your flights get delayed!

So as you can see, the simple fact that St. Petersburg is “The Sunshine City” is reason enough to strongly consider checking it out as a destination of choice!

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