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Stress Reducer Tools: Stress Reduction Help

Stress And Anger Are The Perennial Evil Twins And If You Don't Take Action Against Both, Not Only You, But Your Loved Ones Will Also End Up Suffering.

Stressed out and wondering why? Perhaps, it’s the anger against your colleagues that you’ve been building up for so long. Anger leads to anxiety, and anxiety leads to stress; the combination is bad for you and may result in various mental and physical problems.

Stress and anger are the perennial evil twins and if you don’t take action against both, not only you, but your loved ones will also end up suffering.

MBSR Every Day: Daily Practices from the Heart of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

If you have experienced any combination of the symptoms listed below, it’s time to take immediate steps to rectifying your daily routine and managing your stress and anger. When your reactions are constantly negative in stressful situations, it means you have an anger management problem.

* Consistent headaches at the back of your forehead and in an arched “band” from ear to ear

* Insomnia

* Feelings of unexplained frustration

* Focusing difficulties

* Isolation

* Stomach problems and ulcers

* High blood pressure and panic or anxiety attacks

* Temporary verbal abuse hurled against other people

* Violence – breaking or destroying personal items, lashing out with arms or legs etc.

Guided Meditation: 7 Part Meditation for Beginners Series

Here are some excellent stress reducer tools for you to consider.

Physical activity: this is probably the last on your mind after a long grueling day of butting-heads in office. But, the truth is, exercise helps to increase your blood flow to the brain and heart, boosts your energy, and revives you. You can simply take a brisk walk along the road or sprint a little. Some basic stretching exercises would also help. Special exercises to reduce stress can be followed if you feel the stress levels are just too high for normal treatment.

Stress Reduction and Creative Meditations

Meditate: you don’t need to meditate like a monk, because meditating is not just about trying to be enlightened. Meditation is about relaxing and calming your mind, so even if you sit in a quite area at home, put on some soothing music, close your eyes and enjoy the serenity, you are meditating. Meditation is among the best stress reducer tools you can learn to use.

Write: when you stressed out, write down why you feel so. Writing things down will help you to get a breakdown of everything you are feeling at the moment and reading it back to yourself, you’ll realize the reasons and be able to think about it all in a more practical way.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction for Beginners: A Mindfulness-Based Program

Eat Healthy: stress can be aggravated by poor eating habits. If you are the type of person who drops in at the supermarket to pick up an instant meal, take a good look at the food labels on them. Majority contain high sodium, fat and sugar levels. These foods are the worst you can feed your already energy-starved body and will do nothing to help your stress levels reduce.

Say No: as a human being, there’s only so much you can take and do within a specific time period. So, if you believe you’ve reached your limit, accept it and say no to anything extra.

If ordinary stress reducer tools do not seem to help and are gaining no results, seek professional help.

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