Outdoor Garden Fountains And Awareness

Call it awareness, gratitude, meditation, being present, consciousness. Whatever comes to mind, the use of outdoor fountains can aid in your journey. A variety of tools and practices are currently being used to predispose us to awareness. There is an imperative being felt around the world, which is motivating many to change and grow. Being attentive to simple activities that can be done routinely is a great way to practice.

Communing with nature is frequently as a simple starting point to begin the awareness process. But where does one find nature amid the asphalt, high rises and vacant land that we are surrounded by? If you cannot go to nature, bring nature to you. Easy, affordable facilitators are garden fountains placed strategically amid greenery and flowers. The abundance of styles and types of garden fountains make selection and placement easy for the city dweller.

Italian Outdoor Floor Water Fountain

What Size Are Outdoor Fountains and Which One to Choose?

Outdoor fountains may have a footprint as small as two feet or as large as six feet wide. Fiberglass wall fountains come in a variety of textures and finishes. They are lightweight and mount against any surface using a sturdy hook, screw, or nail. You can find garden fountains available in a wide variety of colors, patinas and structure. Beauty is a prime consideration when treading the steppingstones to awareness.

Waterfall Water Fountain for Outdoor Patio Garden

With the look of genuine stone alabaster outdoor fountains constructed of glass fiber reinforced concrete is particularly beautiful with its smooth variegated finish. Some garden fountains have the appearance of waterfalls, whereas some add whimsy with fairies, cherubs or woodland creatures. Water may trip and dance descending over many levels or gurgle with playfulness.

3 Bowl Modern Outdoor Floor Water Fountain with Light LED

Focusing on beauty will aid in experiencing the present. It is all about using ones senses to experience the “isness” rather than on words or labels. A beautiful outdoor garden fountain can transform patio, balcony, porch or window box into a tranquil respite for focusing.

Using Your Senses With Garden Fountains

Water Fountain

Avoid labeling the object that precipitates water movement as just a “garden fountain.” Become aware of the thoughts that cross the threshold of your mind. Without judgment, allow your thoughts to ebb and flow and become the observer of the thoughts. When you do not identify with your mind, the stillness and peace within you begins to emerge.

Now, look at the fountain and the water, really take a look. Sense the texture, the color and feel it. Is it cold, warm, rough, or smooth? The liquid, how does it look and feel? Is there an aroma associated with the water or the wet or dry surface of your outdoor fountains? Warm wet rock does produce an aroma. Is it pleasant and refreshing? If your thoughts lead you to drift from the garden fountain just label them as “thinking” and gently return your focus.

Hear the sound that emanates. The relaxing sounds produced by the water descending over declines, stones or onto another surface bring one into the present with a sense of peace. That is the peace of being present in the moment. Consider using outdoor fountains as a valuable tool assisting in your journey to awareness and trust that it will be a positive force in your life.