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How to Add News to Your Site in the Right Way

During the initial stages of any website, the contents begin to flow slowly. To increase the visitors, a news widget can be used. The advantage of this is to continuously update some news and also improve the traffic online towards the site. Since this is important, the choice of what news to be displayed and also the widget. The content must also be selected in such a manner that it is not out dated and interests a variety of readers. This process of how to add news to your website takes few minutes by creating such news widgets.

There are three popular widgets that can be used for this purpose. They are digg, blasta casta and feed zilla.

The first method is using the Digg site. The theme of the widget is chosen. The widget is then displayed in that theme in one side of the website. The theme can be clicked for seeing the preview of it. Then, the topics that can be displayed must be chosen from the list of various types of news.

The display options can be modified according the necessity. In this the size of the widget can be specified and also format it. The border and counts can also be activated. It can also have the counts of people visiting the site and liking it. There are other options as to display only the topics or also have a little description about it. Then, HTML code of this page can be copied and inserted into the website.

Next is the Blasta Casta widget. Open this website and the URL of your website is entered. The option that denotes adding news to the website is then selected from a menu in the front page. Then, the news of your choice and demand is chosen from the list provided.

The widget can then be customized and displayed. The size, colour and also text’s display properties can be selected. Once the desired style is obtained, its HTML code is copied to right side in the page and also is pasted into the website.

Now, in the next method, go to the website of feed Zilla. The stories or news to be used is selected from the list. This story will be displayed in the widget along with some sub categories of the same story so that the widget is made very specific and is generally preferred by many readers. The icon that is for the necessary website is clicked. There are many types of icons available. Some of them are the HTML, Java, ASP, flash, etc. But for starters, HTML is advised since it is very primitive and simple to use. Then, the other display options of the widget are specified like the size, number of the stories it displays and also the details it display. Whether any summary accompanies the story is displayed. Then the code is copied to the bottom in the site as well as inserted to your website.

This article therefore makes it clear how to add news to your website.

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