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Why Sebo Vacuums Cleaners Are Very Eco Friendly Products

Several large manufacturers of today are ‘going green’ – This could be for a genuine deep-seated pledge to help the environment and make the world a better place, or it could be a calculated marketing plan to increase sales and profits, because consumers are becoming increasingly choosy who they buy from and prefer their products and services from those who actually participate in and care about the earth’s problems before profits – like Sebo.

It’s very difficult to differentiate from the real environmentalists and those companies who provide a ‘greenwash smokescreen’ in order to deceive customers into sales. For example buying recycled products which can be recycled again are quite high up on the agenda of a high percentage of shoppers but there are so many deceiving labels and deceptive information coming from large firms regarding those goods that it can lead to frustration.

Sebo are a German Vacuum cleaner manufacturer renown for producing top quality goods dating back from the 70s. Other companies really should follow them in their practices and ethical standards because they are one of the most environmentally conscious manufacturers you will find. Everything about Sebo is carefully scrutinised, from the overall design of their factory which is totally sustainable to the fact that they generate all of their own electricity to make the vacuums products, and heat the factory and offices. All of the materials and components that go in to producing their vacuum cleaners are locally sourced and as much as possible at their plant is recycled or reused. Absolutely nothing is wasted or thrown out.

The factory that produce their Eco friendly machines was carefully designed to maximise efficiency by using natural rainwater which goes through a special filtration process and eventually used in washroom areas and kitchens which applies absolutely no burden on the local water supplies.

Germans have always been self sufficient in all areas of living and have a better mentality towards environmental issues than most other neighbouring countries when it comes to recycling and re purposing products so that minimal amount of waste has to be thrown out.

Offices and warehouses up and down Germany are very high tech developments designed to maximise this kind of energy efficiency and the Sebo factory is no different to the growing number of Eco friendly buildings being built all over Europe.

A large amount of work and planning went into the conception of Sebo’s offices and factory zones long before construction even started as they required their facilities to be as highly energy-efficient as possible, and to ensure the production of their vacuum cleaners to be environment friendly. The clever use of natural light played a major purpose in the construction to reduce the amount of electric lighting used to save more energy and the design of the factory and offices allows as much natural light as possible. Staff working hours are adapted to take advantage of only the day light hours which changes every few months of the year.

Important considerations ensure that Sebo products are packed into the smallest possible cartons and that carton sizes allow for the maximum number of vacuum cleaners to fit on one pallet. Sebo’s packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard and waste paper not required from the offices is shredded and re-used for packaging. Deliveries are meticulously pre-planned, to ensure delivery lorries are running economically and are filled up to maximum capacity. Now you can make your own mind up if Sebo are an Eco Friendly manufacturer.

This article is from A J Pipkin of where you can find plenty of in-depth vacuum reviews including the Sebo Automatic X1

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