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Shelf Lighting

Attractive Shelf Lighting Trends Over The Past Years Have Seen A Number Of Developments, As Lamps And Lighting Continue To Grow Into A Stylish, Fashion Component And Statement

Home decorating is not complete without high performance, energy efficient shelf lighting that is able to meet your needs both aesthetically and functionally. With everything on the market today, as far as home lighting is concerned, it is wise to know what technology and shelf lighting options are available for your needs.

Attractive shelf lighting trends over the past years have seen a number of developments, as lamps and lighting continue to grow into a stylish, fashion component and statement, in addition to serving their functional purposes. With many options in sizes, dimensions, wattages and designs, shelf and display lighting is a perfect way to illuminate certain specific spaces, while pleasing your fashion-savvy side.

Under Cabinet Lighting, Under Counter Lighting

Shelf lighting is available in a variety of sizes, lamp wattages, and with a variety of light sources, and prices range from inexpensive to higher end for custom fabricated specialty shelf lights. Linear shelf lighting is available in the form of rope lighting, which is available in many dimensions, colors and specifications and very popular for over-cabinet soft illuminations. Shelf lighting is also prevalent in the form of compact fluorescent, LED or incandescent puck lights, which can be used almost anywhere. Some designs require some hardwiring, but others are available with plug-in capabilities, which offer you further flexibility.

Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

Shelf lighting is a great and effective way to make a shelving unit look a little more attractive while providing pleasant accenting of the contents of the unit. These lights can also spotlight an attractive vase, sculpture, architectural highlights, fine china, curio, or bring out the fire in a piece of crystal. Hidden shelf lighting has the ability to give both a professional look and the look of warmth by providing ambient or direct light to a room.

Under Counter Lights for Kitchen

Under cabinet shelf lights may use xenon, halogen, fluorescent, LED, or traditional incandescent light sources, which provide modest, direct or ambient lighting, depending on specific designs. As well, most types of shelf lighting can be dimmed. Although this cannot usually be done with fluorescent light sources, fluorescent lighting is generally the most efficient in providing a larger light output. Because they’re so energy efficient, fluorescent light sources and LED lighting fixtures are also the coolest of all the light sources, which can prove to be extremely important in some instances depending on what is stored on the shelf. The accessibility to a wide range of fluorescents tubes has also greatly increased the color temperature possibilities with fluorescent fixtures.

Waterproof White Light with Project Lens

Popular trends in lighting design mostly reflect fads in interior design. As this happens, some lights will always remain for their popularity. Shelf lighting, for example, will always remain in style because of their versatility, affordability and high degree of functionality. Designed for use in specific applications where light fixtures would be too conspicuous, you can even incorporate this lighting into an even more beautiful home d

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