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Moles in the Garden Effective Pest Control

When you have moles in your garden or lawn area, you need the professionals to help you. Moles in the Garden Effective Pest Control will take care of the problem in a timely and efficient manner. Leave the worries to us while we get those furry critters off of your property. Through a variety of methods, we will remove moles and any other burrowing pests that may be part of your problem. It is best not to take on the problem on your own as you may not know what you are dealing with. In addition, do it yourself products are not fail-proof. You could invest a great deal of money in your own products without effectively ridding yourself of your mole problem. Many propose live traps. However, you will still need to have the animal removed from the premises. Choosing a professional service with experts will give you peace of mind and allow you to put your garden in order once again.

Moles are especially active in the spring and fall when there has been an extended period of rain. As they burrow underground, they wreak havoc on the root system in the garden and break through to the surface, causing disruption of the soil. They create feeding tunnels close to the surface, forming those unsightly ridges, and they dig deep to connect their feeding tunnels. As they burrow deeper, they make soil deposits on the lawn, a true nuisance. It makes the lawn and garden look bad, puts the plants at risk, and can be harmful to homeowners if they step in a hole with the potential for hurting themselves. Moles eat insects and worms; they are not herbivores. Should there be evidence of an animal chewing on the plants in the garden, then it is a different kind of pest. Our staff will assist in determining if moles are the problem and what direction to take next. They can mainly determine it is moles through the visual evidence, including mounds of dirt that are similar to a volcano, and if there has been gnawing or not.

Techniques vary in tackling the problem and Moles in the Garden Effective Pest Control has a host of solutions to the problem. Skilled and friendly staff will arrive at your home, assess the situation, determine the best path to take, and get down to business. Fumigation is one alternative in which a fumigant is released into the burrows that will hinder moles from hiding. Traps, poisons, and repellants are all tools at our disposal. The best time of year to contact us is in the early spring to take care of pregnant moles to reduce the population. However, we are available at any time you require assistance. Contact Moles in the Garden Effective Pest Control and rid yourself of critter headaches as soon as possible. Don’t delay or waste time with your own efforts that may prove ineffective. Let us do our job so you can get back to enjoying home.

Learn more at Pest control moles or see the page on moles pest control GARDEN moles

Learn more at Pest control moles or see the page on moles pest control GARDEN moles

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