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Mold Is Good

Mold is good as long as it stays outside your home. It is normally an outdoor body and helps the environment to clean up but as soon as it enters your home (floats through air) and starts multiplying in size, you can no more consider your home to be a healthy one – at least as long as you have them inside.

But, here we must say that every mold is not toxic or harmful to your health. If you want to find out if the mold is really harmful or not, you need to do some laboratory test. But does it really matter if that specific mold, inhabiting your sweet home, is toxic or not when it tears down the beauty of your home! It looks ugly and people will never have a good impression on your house keeping expertise. Just think about your own impression on someone when you would find mold growing in his or her home!

So, how to keep these molds away from your home?

Molds need some wet spot to grow. It may grow in any unused space of your home that always stays wet or dump. If you inhale or even touch molds (highly possible when they inhabit your room), it may cause serious health problems like allergy, skin rash or even running nose. If you have asthma, molds can cause serious problem and may end up in asthma attacks.

The first thing you need to do to is to clean up the molds and make sure that your room is free from moistures. You cannot keep away the mold spores floating naturally in the air. But if you can reduce moisture inside your house, and fix all water problems that is creating wet areas for mold development, it would solve a lot of problems. If you just clean up the molds and do not make sure that the area is not moisture free, there are high chances that the mold would grow back.

And it is not just walls; molds can grow on any wet body like shoes, clothes, wooden furniture, animal or even in human bodies.

Here are some tips to clean up black mold:

While cleaning black mold in an area, make sure that the room is closed tightly so that mold spores do not get a chance to spread in other areas of the house. If you need to clean mold in different rooms, it is always recommended to work on one at a time.

If the mold is very dry, you can spread some water on it so that the spores do not become airborne in the cleaning process. Now you can use soap and water to clean up the wall. Make sure that the place is properly cleaned as they can live in a dormant stage for many days.

Now use some disinfectant cleaner to destroy the remaining mold spores that are not visible in naked eye. This step is very important to ensure that the place is mold free.

So, your place has become mold free. But are you done with your mold cleaning job? No; you are yet to perform two important steps.

Use plastic bags to carry the mold out. Do not open the plastic bag inside as it may spread mold spores in other rooms too.

And, now as the last step, fix moisture problems in that room or place. Black mold will start growing again if the place remains moist for a long time. Kill mold and do not give it any place to come back.

Black mold can cause you and your family nasty health issues down the road.Find out how to kill mold to protect your future and your families health as well.

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