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Luxurious Individuality With Reindeer Rugs

For anyone looking for a beautiful focal point for any room, Reindeer Rugs make an excellent choice. Each rug varies in differing shades of cream, grey, beige and brown depending on the individual animal thus making each one truly unique, which is why every rug is separately photographed to show exactly what you will receive. Rugs differ depending on the age and season of the animal so no two are ever the same.

Natural and Unique

These particular Reindeer Rugs are sourced in Finland where they are a natural bi-product of the food industry and have been providing industry for many generations.

The rugs have a warm look and feel about them and due to the hair’s hollow fibres they are perfect natural insulators for the coldest times of year. This makes them ideal for bedrooms and it is truly lovely to feel the warmth of the reindeer fur on a frosty winter morning.

Enhance any Room and Create a Great Talking Point

There are many places in the home where a rug of this kind can be placed to enhance the room and they are attractive on hardwood floors in particular. However these Reindeer Rugs are quite delicate and are intended to be more of a decorative item, so it is not recommended to place them in areas of consistent high temperature and where there is heavy traffic, as this will make the fur brittle and easy to break. In addition, it is not advisable to sit or lie on them for any length of time, despite the undoubted temptation! In spite of this, the rugs are incredibly versatile and can be used as throws, or as extra covers for the bed. Their individuality makes them ideal as wall hangings too.

Individual Style and Huge Choice

As with deep pile rugs of this kind, they are prone to shedding so some extra maintenance may be required but if looked after properly Reindeer Rugs will remain in pristine condition for many years. Because of the individual nature of each rug, there are many sizes to choose from so there is bound to be one available to suit the purpose you have in mind. Prices are affordable too which may surprise many given the uniqueness of each rug.

There are many reasons why a beautiful Reindeer Rug will enhance the look of any room and these include,

• Warmth – natural hollow fibres in the hair make Reindeer Rugs one of nature’s great insulators and will help to retain the warmth in your home.

• Versatility – aside from their traditional use, these rugs can be used as throws, covers or even as attractive wall hangings.

• Durability – they may need a little more care than some floor coverings but if they are treated in the right way, they will remain beautiful for years.

• Individuality – the nature of these rugs means that each one is truly unique.

Reindeer Rugs are visually quite stunning and will definitely become a great talking point in your home. They are luxurious, truly individual and there is a great range of Reindeer Rugs available to purchase online.

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