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Elements of Contemporary Design

Are you the type of person who loves mixed medium, sleek lines, and clean design (without clutter)? If so, you are the kind of person who should implement a contemporary interior decoration scheme.

This style came into existence in the late 20th century. Generally, it has emphasis on a few key color pieces while the others blend into the background. The edges are somewhat softer than most modernistic rooms – the entire feeling is inviting and warm.


Always look for gentle curves with clean lines. The most common is an exposed metal or wood, and some blended mediums that work together (such as glass). Wood typically has a lighter variety and it features almost no detail or accent. Various metals such as chrome, nickel, and stainless steel are commonly used in this design. If you have gone to a few furniture malls, you will notice a lot of glass with stainless leg, or nickel and chrome framework displayed in the open shelves. It is not difficult to find these kinds of furniture in the market. The most common are bathroom accessories with a very stylish look.

When you want to incorporate wood into your design, you can look beyond coffee tables and utilize these wood surfaces in shelves, flower pots, or picture frames. If you started with a wood concept, try to carry it throughout the room for a more professional appearance.


These are “plain,” meaning they do not have too much pattern. In a contemporary room, solids are the best choice. If you are looking for some textural interest and visual to go with the fabric, you can try raw silk, linens or wool.


Most decorating styles ignore the lighting element, but here it takes center stage. Light fixtures and lamps offer a lot of opportunities to show glass or metal. Also, lights are used to highlight the room’s focal point – where attention is needed.


Contemporary design has neutral based colors such as: blacks, whites, grays, tans, and soft creams. The real key here is the accent color. Remember you are trying to evoke a warm and vibrant feeling. Use these colors in varied ways from window treatments, furniture upholstery, throw rug, and wall color. Be creative and think of ways on how to draw attention.


Like the other elements, windows have to be simple. Straight lines without a lot of fuss will do. Your window treatments should also be without decorative touches.


Contemporary floors are a bit sexy and sleek. The old low pile carpets and hardwood materials work well. Today, there are newer flooring techniques available such as stone, polished concrete, and vinyl.


If you feel that you need to add something, just make sure that it blends well with the other pieces. Contemporary scheme do not have a lot of room for extras, but if needed, it should emphasize structure and be streamlined.

The people who like contemporary design tend to have a more modern approach to art. They like simple things but with a trendy flair – this is evident in their wardrobe. The contemporary style design is comfortable, sleek, and clean. It is never rigid and harsh.

This article was written by Benedict Yossarian. Benedict recommends Judge Ceilings and Roof Bond for your home improvement needs including Roof Insulation and Suspended Ceilings

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