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Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is intended to magnify special works of creativity and enhance keynote features of the general environment within a room. While tastes vary greatly and subjectivity always plays a tremendous role in decoration and aesthetics, there are certain accent lighting tools in both interior decorating and interior lighting design that are common to virtually everyone. With very few exceptions, most homes and offices liven up their walls with paintings, photography, and prints, and most people use not only functional furniture to fill a floor space, but some sort of decorative or showpiece display to complete the sense of atmosphere within a room. Lighting pictures and other decorations is not as complicated as you might think. Both fine art and displays can be enhanced and magnified in a variety of lighting effects and lighting levels with linear strip lights and art projectors.

Fine art

Most home and offices decorate with fine art. Sometimes the art work displayed is rare, or evident of superior creativity and form, and generic decorative lighting will not do justice to its contour and depth of color. Additionally, many decorative art lighting fixtures lack the proper thermal management and ultraviolet filters needed to make certain that the light is safe for oils and canvases. Any excess forward throw heat can dry and crack paint, and ultraviolet light destroys both the color of the paint and the fabric of the canvas itself.

It is better to invest a little more in decorative lighting appropriate to the level of your investment in fine art. Art projectors are the most trusted and versatile fixtures used in lighting high-quality art, being common in museums and eclectic private collections. The Phantom Contour offers a number of advantages that make it ideal for formal settings, commercial applications, and residential environments. Its smaller size and ease of adjustability make it near invisible to the viewer’s line of site. Its optical system completely strips the light from all harmful ultraviolet light, and the lens aperture configuration is the only one of its kind to produce a “lighted from within” effect when it strikes a painting, photograph, or three dimensional sculptures.


Bookshelves are found in almost every home and can contain anything from best sellers to collector’s edition hardbacks. The problem with bookshelves is the more ornately designed they are, the more the shelves and vertical sides tend to cast shadows over the covers of the books. Decorative display lighting of some sort is needed in order to showcase not only the lettering along the spine, but also the materials from which the book is fashioned.

Custom linear decorative light strips are ideal for lighting bookshelves because of their smaller size and their user friendly control. Custom linear lighting strips are considerably smaller and more concealed than other lighting strips, making them near invisible along the undersurface of a shelf or a vertical supporting piece. These lights are also dimmable, making it possible to turn the light up for browsing or turn it down for ambient effect. Both low voltage incandescent and xenon lamps and LED festoon lamps can be installed on these strips, all of which are excellent for thermal management and will burn cool without risk of damage to your books.

Decorative Display Lighting

Many homes showcase trophies, awards, certificates, and collectibles in personal displays of some sort. Antique collections are a mainstay in almost every generation, it seems, and are also very common in dens, living rooms, and even in certain office environments. The type of decorative lighting needed for these displays relates directly to the contents of these displays, and it is best to go with a linear decorative lighting strip that offers you freedom of choice and flexibility in lamping options.

Phantom strips use a “festoon” style lamp that can be swapped out without replacing the entire strip. You can start with incandescent or xenon and then later retrofit LED lamps if you want super power savings or special ambient decorative lighting effects. The wireless low profile design of the lighting strip allows for an enormous range of options when it comes to lighting any type of residential or commercial display case.

Cabinet Lights

Cabinetry is an art form unto itself, and an increasingly sophisticated art form as custom home design and eclectic office interior design continues to rise in popularity. As cabinets themselves become more decorative, lighting fixtures for in-cabinet lighting and under cabinet lighting have to become increasingly sophisticated to support a growing demand for aesthetics in addition to their traditional functional purpose. They must either be concealed from the viewer’s line of site, or they must be appear complimentary in design, structure, and finish to the cabinet itself.

Xenon linear strips are ideal for both cabinet and under cabinet decorative lighting because of their custom manufacture and low-profile positioning along cabinet undersurfaces and inside cabinet structures. Because they install near the front of a cabinet under belly, rather than toward the back like other under cabinet lights tend to do, they cast the light backward and away from the eyes and creating a more evenly distributed, gentle ambience over surfaces. To learn more about Decorative Lighting visit the Picture Lighting section of our website.

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