Basic Feng Shui for the Home

Over time and the millennia traditionally the hsien sheng, Feng Shui practitioners were Taoist priests who worked with a classic tool and utensil of theirs to best effect – the complex and complicated Feng Shui “compass”.

Feng Shui Enrichment Zones

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The “Feng Shui compass” had a magnetic north / south compass needle in the center surrounded by a full series of rings that gave various and varied information including 28 constellations, the full 360 degrees of the compass, the 72 “Dragon’s veins”, the 60 points of good and bad luck. The auspicious river directions and lastly not for those of the faint of heart – good and bad positions of burial.

However for those who wish to simply apply the practices and principles to best use in their lives may find that all they need is a small run of the mill hand-held compass to tell you which way your home faces. This is determined by the position of your front door (or the door that you and your family normally use to both enter and exit your abode).

To conduct this lay of the land procedure with your simple hand-held compass stand at your front door- with your front door in an open position and thus determine in which direction are you facing. According to ancient Feng Shui principles, which evolved over eons and are time tested over the ages and generations of mankind, you should ideally face and be facing in a south or south-east direction. Why so? This is because your house can be said to be divided into eight areas which are called or referred to as “enrichments” Each area of your home covers a vital aspect of human life.

According to ancient Feng Shui principles, each area of your home covers a vital aspect of human life.

The first area, which is always in the south section of the house, is your fame and reputation area. Thus ideally, as you open the front door and step outside you are stepping out into your fame and glory and standing in both your real and imagined world of what you may evolve and blossom into.

The “Eight Enrichments “, with their relevant compass directions are : fame – south, wealth and money – south east, education – east; children – north east; relationships – north-west; pleasure –west; health- south west. In an ideal world and abode your front door would open into your “fame “ area, while your relationships , friends and children area would be in the north or in the back of your home where they could be protected with care and nurtured.

Yet what if in reality and the real world you house does face another direction. After all we always don’t have control over the lay of the land, and how the city fathers or property developers assigned the basic layout of your neighborhood and its streets, avenues and roadways. As examples suppose that your home faces due north, thus when you open up your front door you will be walking into your relationship enrichment zone or zones. This is the area that will receive the maximum benefit or focus in your life and lifetime. Thus you can make do and see which direction dominates your life simply by checking your house direction with that run-of-the-mill standard compass.

Basic Feng Shui For Your Home’s Entrance

The front door is a great place to start and is highly regarded as one of the key indicators to a happy feng shui home.

Feng shui is an ancient art developed over 3000 years ago in China that revolves around the placement and design of items and buildings to best receive the most positive flow of energy (chi).

A positive feng shui home is said to bring good energy into your home that can result in the positive flow of money, health and love. Creating a home with positive feng shui can be achieved with just a few environmental changes. By implementing the below basic steps you can create more harmony in your home.


The front door is a great place to start and is highly regarded as one of the key indicators to a happy feng shui home. Basically, you want a clear path to your front door to allow the energy (chi) free access to your home.

To create this, you need to remove any rubbish from the front door to the street. This includes any pot plants, rubbish bins and shoes. Even if there’s a big, old tree in your front yard, if it’s blocking the flow of chi to your front door you need to remove it.


Your front door may also need a paint. You want everything spruced up – this is one of the first things you see when you come home and you need it to be uplifting not depressing. Choosing a front door color isn’t as simple as ‘yellow for happy’. You need to know the direction your door faces. A simple compass phone app can help here.

EAST FACING – Wood or element colors like green and brown.

SOUTH FACING – Red, yellow, purple, orange and pink/magenta. These need to be strong, vibrant colors in keeping with the fire element that the South direction represents.

WEST FACING – White or grey or earth colors. White or grey represent the metal feng shui element and metal comes from earth.

NORTH FACING – Blue and black colors to represent the feng shui element of water.

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Feng Shui that Makes Sense: Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks

You want to really think about the home from the position of the front door and the energy flowing into the home. Where does the energy go once it’s inside? Think of the energy like a beam of traveling light. You don’t want to bounce this back out or have it leave as quickly as it came in straight out a back door.

If you have a mirror opposite your front door this is going to deflect the energy back out of the home. Likewise, if your front door is directly opposite your back door the energy will flow right out. For really good feng shui, you want the energy to flow freely inside and shared amongst all the rooms in your home.

Upon opening your front door, positive chi can be created by a bold and vibrant rug, flowers or art.

Feng shui is an ongoing ‘art of the home’ that needs to regularly be refreshed and updated. Any stagnant area of the home will eventually express itself in areas of your life. To keep things fresh and flowing it’s important to clear out any unwanted clutter… and keep it that way. So grab a donation bag and get rid of the old, unwanted aspects of your life to create a free pathway of chi and energy into your life.