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Ambience, Atmosphere and Ablutions!

Outdated and tired looking bathrooms can easily be brought up to date and refreshed by keeping the walls plain with injections of colour or wood to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere.

White bathroom suites with accents of wood in shelving, cupboards, sink units, wooden Venetian blinds and stripped floor boards offer a clean, functional appearance which is perfectly suited to medium or large sized bathrooms. Dark oak or mahogany coloured wood provides a colonial type style which can be enhanced with bottle green accessories and crisp white towels folded and stacked onto an open wooden vanity unit or shelving. Paler woods such as pine or light oak work effectively in smaller bathrooms to give the illusion of more space by providing a light an airy atmosphere. Creating stylish bathrooms does no t have to be overly expensive, there are a wide variety of quality cheap wooden blinds available to make a re-vamp very affordable which will let natural light fill the room and still provide the necessary privacy.

Bathrooms are no longer considered to be a room which is purely for washing and ablutions! The bathroom has become as important as any other room in a house and in some cases bathrooms have been transformed into havens for relaxation and de-stressing. The amount of time spent in the bathroom has gradually increased over the years as people take time for themselves and indulge in some well deserved individual or shared time in comfortable surroundings. Interior design style have also changed and become innovative with secluded, subtle lighting, plants and art works adorning the walls to provide informal looks and relaxing atmospheres.

The white bathroom suite has turned full circle in the interior design world, the coloured bathroom suites which were very popular in the 1970s are being replaced with white once again. The great advantage with a white bathroom suite is that it can be used with any colour combinations to achieve striking and stunning interior design style.

Monochrome and retro bathrooms are making a revival, white walls with black and white tiling or black marble vanity unit tops and a black and white contemporary patterned blind provides a clean, crisp look which works well in the average size bathroom space. Feminine touches can be added by way of carefully selected flowers and plants or collections of black and white perfume bottles which are strategically displayed on glass shelving and window sills or using silk curtains in either black or white in conjunction with plain white Venetian blinds to soften the edges of the window frame. Sweeping the silk curtains back from the centre and keeping in place with beautiful beaded tassels adds a touch of glamour in an almost theatrical way.

For those who prefer to keep more with traditions, white Venetian blinds are the ideal window covering in a bathroom. They are easy to keep clean as well as being resistant to heat and humidity enabling natural light into the room by tilting the slats while still providing all important privacy.

Terry’s Fabrics provides a number of home accessories such as Venetian blinds and Silk Curtains for convenient and affordable living.

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