How to Buy Your First Family Piano

The first piano to come into your home is a big deal. Whether one or all of your children are playing or just the parents, a family piano will be looking at a lot of use over the years, so it`s important to choose the right one. To help you with this monumental decision, we’ve put together a few tips on purchasing that first family piano.

Size matters. Choosing the right size piano for your family is just one of the many decisions you will need to make. It might seem like a good idea to choose a smaller piano for a small child who is learning to play, but remember that your children will grow and they will eventually need to have a full-size piano. If you don`t wish to make a second investment down the road, then you should go for the full-size version now and let your kids get used to playing on it. They will eventually learn to play it better than they would a small piano or keyboard.

What it looks like. Keep in mind that a good quality piano could easily be in your home for the next several decades. That means you want something that will look good through the ages . . . so stay away from lime green or zebra striped pianos that may be cool in the moment, but will lose their appeal pretty fast.

Consider the quality. You will find plenty of cheap pianos in your search for the perfect one and it may be tempting to buy a cheaper one. This is particularly true if you have young children who might be inclined to draw or scratch the finish. However, it really is worth investing in a quality piano so you can appreciate the music that comes out of it. A very good piano will invite the pianist to play it and for anyone in your family who is learning to play, this is a good way to go.

Get an expert. If you decide to buy a second hand piano, rather than a brand new one, the price will certainly be lower. However, you will want an expert to take a look at it to ensure that the piano is of the best quality. Many older pianos have sat in neglect for so long that they no longer are in any condition to be played. You may end up spending quite a bit just repairing and fine tuning the instrument, so this is something to keep in mind and get an expert opinion on.

Buy from a proper dealer. While you may get a lower price at a garage sale or on an auction website, your best bet for a high quality piano for your family is to go through a trusted dealer. This usually gets you a guarantee, plus you won`t have to worry about how to move the piano and get it into your home, as this is a service usually provided by the dealer.

Pick a good brand. There are several top of the line brand names when it comes to pianos. Some of the best brands include Steinway and Sons, Baldwin, Wurlitzer, Beckstein and Kemble. You really can`t go wrong with a top quality piano brand.

Having a great quality family piano is key to enjoying it. A good rule of thumb is to go with the most expensive, best known piano that you can afford. This will give you an instrument that will last for generations to come and your grandchildren will even be enjoying playing your investment.

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