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Famous Homes in America – Graceland

This country is full of homes and estates that mark the history books and serve as tourist attractions. From the infant days our country and the homes of our first presidents, popular authors to rock and roll stars, the tours are endless. One of the most famous homes in America is no doubt that of The King of rock and roll – Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

Graceland is a sprawling estate covering over 13 acres in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis Presley originally purchased the home for his parents in 1957 and eventually made it his home as well in 1958. The home today is over 17,000 square feet with a total of 23 rooms that includes 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. The exterior of the mansion is made of tan limestone with the front portico being held up with giant white columns and 2 iconic stone lions on either side. After Presley moved in to the home he made a lot of changes including the addition of a music themed gate, swimming pool and the famous “Jungle Room” which eventually was converted into a recording studio.

Elvis Presley had a bold sense of style and enjoyed bright colors and crazy, eclectic accessories and furniture. One of the first rooms you see when you enter Graceland is the living room. Elvis liked the rooms in his home to have a “theme” and the living room is no exception. The walls in the living room are covered with mirrors and beautiful, brightly colored stained glass with peacocks in the design. There is a clean look to the room with the white marble fireplace, white Louis XIV furniture and white carpet. Some people thought his d

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