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For article removals we charge a $30 fee. is a free article directory, which means everybody can post his articles and we have many authors doing that daily. Authors have their own usernames and passwords, and in the case of lost passwords they can get a new password.

For a quick article removal please send $30 through Paypal to
pierosensi [at]

In the subject mention: Article removal + Author
and in the message give a list (if you have) of articles to be removed.
Articles will be removed in 1-2 days.

If you don’t want to pay, make a honest request why should we remove your articles and we will put you in a schedule for removal. When this will happen we cannot give an exact time-frame.

Notice: We don’t remove articles because of aggressive removal requests, such as false DMCA complaints, false Cease and Desist requests, or other exotic requests mostly based on lies. If you or someone for you posted freely an article and we hosted it for years, and that was OK up to now, there is no need now because of some penalties to act aggressively. Just login and remove your article.

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