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Cheap IPod Nano

The iPod Nano is a popular portable media player developed by Apple, Inc. It is known for its very small size and 240×240 resolution touchscreen. You can get a cheap iPod Nano at various online stores. The previous versions of the Nano are now very cheap, but if you want the best iPod Nano, then go for the 7th Generation iPod Nano. Like all devices, the Nano has its own pros and cons. If you still can’t decide whether the newest iPod Nano is worth your money, then read this review.

You may have noticed that there are only a few improvements to the 7th Generation iPod Nano when to compared to the 6th Generation Nano. This is probably due to Steve Jobs’ failing health during the time the 7th Gen Nano was being developed. The 7th Gen model is basically the same as the 6th Gen model. The most notable upgrade is in the software, which was upgraded from Version 1.0 to Version 1.2. In Version 1.0, four app icons are shown on the screen per page. In Version 1.2, the app icons are made larger to fit the whole screen so there is only one app icon per page. The larger icons make the apps much easier to see and touch. If you don’t like these changes and prefer the old layout, then you can go to the settings of the device and change it to the classic four-icon layout.

Apple also added 18 different watch faces in Version 1.2. So if you plan to buy a strap and use the iPod Nano as a watch, you now have 18 different watch faces to choose from. Using the Nano as a watch also makes it less prone to getting loss. Because of its small size, there are many reports of users misplacing their Nanos. Wearing it as a watch will greatly reduce this occurrence. It would have been nice if Apple added an option to set the duration of the screen (how long the screen remains on before turning off automatically in order to save power). In this version, the screen automatically turns off after one minute. Since the iPod Nano is sometimes worn as a watch, it seems odd that Apple did not add an option to set the screen to “Always On” or to at least increase the screen duration. When it comes to hardware, Apple has not made any upgrades to the 7th Gen iPod Nano at all. The hardware is the same as the previous version.

Overall, the iPod Nano is still one of the best portable media players currently available. It is small enough to be worn as a watch, and there are several watch faces to choose from. However, not much was improved in this latest version. So if you’re looking for a cheap iPod Nano and don’t plan to use it as a watch, just get the previous version (6th Generation). If you want to use it as a watch and if you don’t mind paying a bit more, then get the 7th Generation iPod Nano.

Are you looking for more information regarding cheap iPod Nano? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding cheap iPod Nano? Visit today!

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