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Antivirus Software Comparison – Which is the Best?

Sometimes, you cannot help getting sick. No amount of pills, vitamins, and steady diet will always ensure you from never catching influenza, fever, or the common cold. But on the bright side, with your preventive action like taking prescription amounts of Vitamin C, good sleeping habits, you are well on your way to a good and possibly almost sick-free life.

Much like our body, our computers get infected, too. No, if you sneeze on your monitor, it will not catch your cold and heat up. The viruses that your computer may detect are from different anonymous sources, sometimes from the spam e-mails that you receive from unknown senders, to the files that you download from the internet. Nowadays, nowhere is safe.

As they say, prevention is cure. To fight these viruses and unwanted bugs, software developers have come up with anti-viruses of their own. These anti-virus software aims to remove malware, spyware and adware on your computer system. They prevent and detect the worms and Trojan horses that infect your system for a better and faster PC performance.

Antivirus software comparison websites are all over; each of them gives brief descriptions and reviews the product for other users to distinguish which of them is more suited to their liking.

There are a lot of big names out there like, Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky Anti-virus, Mcafee Antivirus, AVG Anti-virus, etc.For smoother and faster decision making, narrowing down the two best contenders is a good idea.

To measure which of the antivirus software out there is suited best for you, here are a few basic criterion that someone like you, perhaps a newbie in the techie area, should consider such as: the range of the protection of the antivirus, if it will help protect you from online and offline PC threats, its usefulness in removing viruses and unwanted spyware from your hard drive, and the series of features that are appealing to the user.

Taking into account these measures for deciding which antivirus to choose, the high ranking two would be BitDefender Antivirus and Kaspersky Antivirus, for their ratings and vote count for the availability of features like full virus scanning and automatic software update, the scope of the protection of the antivirus on your computer, and its efficiency in removing threats is ideal.

The decision is still mainly up to you. This is just a helpful hint so you don’t have to look that hard to choose which software is the right one for you.

There are still the other factors such as the monetary value of the aforementioned antivirus software. But sometimes you have to spend a lot to have an effective preventive course of action.

In every competition, even in something as trivial as choosing which antivirus will protect your PC best, there is the first place winner, the second runner-up, and those who receive the consolation prizes. If it seems you cannot afford first-class software, maybe because you’ve downloaded the trial and it’s too complicated for you, there are still the basic functions of the second runner-up, and even more effortless consolatory winners.

So, you have your checklist of antivirus software features which can be found in the software comparison part of your research, which at best you should look through thoroughly and consider if it best fits your PC protection needs. There will always be many to think of when making choices, especially when it concerns the health of your computer and your want for it to be improved. Choose well.

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