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China PMI Rebound Ignition of Global Stock Markets

China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released data on the 1st, August manufacturing purchasing managers index (PMI) was 51.7%, up 0.5 percentage points from last month. It was the index has declined for three consecutive months, for the first time picked up, and continued in recent months, the critical point in the index more than 50%. Experts believe that, PMI index indicates a slight rebound in economic growth has significantly slowed down the momentum of the Chinese economy will not fall into deep correction, however, pay attention to a substantial increase in the purchase price index may be greater pressure on the formation of business costs

Prior to the Chinese Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released data show that in July PMI 3 months straight down, and hit 17-month low. In the first quarter of China’s economic growth rate hit a high of 11.9% after the second quarter GDP growth eased to 10.3%, as 4 trillion economic stimulus effect of weakening, third and fourth quarter of China’s economic growth rate will continue to be the industry callback consensus. As a leading index of economic growth, PMI continued decline exacerbated expert on China’s economic growth slowdown. August PMI recovery, then no doubt we had a reassurance.

China’s economic growth rate since the second quarter, down there, the market trend of the Chinese economy had generally worried about the future. August PMI index indicates a slight recovery in the depth of the Chinese economy will not occur callback.

Support economic growth in the demand factors, the strong recovery in exports this year, roughly stable consumption growth, investment growth fell back, but the growth level is still above 20%, supported by these factors, China’s economic growth will not decline significantly in the future . August PMI index changes in support of the judge.

From the PMI’s 11 sub-index of view, showing a smooth rebounded somewhat in the situation. Compared with July, August production index, new orders index, new export orders index, the backlog of orders index, price indices of supplier delivery time index increased, including new orders index, new export orders index, the backlog of orders index, the purchase price index increase of more than 1 percentage point, especially the purchase price index increased the most, up 10.1 percent.

Finished goods inventory index, purchasing volume index, index of imports, raw materials inventory index, employing the index drop, which finished goods inventory index dropped 3.0 percent rate, the rest of the index drop by at 1 percentage point less.

August new orders index was 53.1%, up 2.2 percentage points from last month. Cai Jin believes that the apparent recovery in demand is to promote PMI rebounded very important factor, indicating the steady growth of China’s economy has a demand basis.

August 20 industries, the fabricated metal products, petroleum processing and coking industry, communication equipment computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry for more than 50%; non-metallic mineral products, transport equipment manufacturing, chemical manufacturing and rubber plastic products, textile and other industries less than 50%.

Sub-regional perspective, East, Central and Western were higher than 50%, 50.3% -52.6% in between. From the product types, raw materials and energy, consumer goods and production company manufactures more than 50% of the class, the middle category was slightly lower than 50% of the company.

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