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What You Could Do With Your Child’s Artwork

If you are a parent to young ones or you are a teacher, you probably search for different craft ideas. A lot of times, parents get so many of the same crafts from their different children and it is hard to keep every single one. Try picking the best ones and framing them in new funky ways so that everyone can see your child’s talents. If you place frames on the wall that are empty, you can then place your kids drawings and paintings on the wall and in the frame but you can hang them crooked if you want so you can have a kid’s corner that looks artsy and creative. You can even add a battery picture light. Picture lights can add a little extra and light up the pictures so that you can see them even when it is dark outside.

There are other crafts that you can make with kids. You can give them a wooden frame, which you can purchase from your local craft store and you can also buy little paints and beads for them to decorate it with. You can give them a picture of them and their friends or siblings which they can put in their room. They will feel very grown up knowing that they created it themselves.

Since you probably get so many different kinds of crafts from your kids, it breaks your heart to throw it away but you cannot possibly keep everything they come up with whether it is all the drawings that they sit in their room drawing or crafts from school. To keep some of the things they do, you can get each of your kids a box and put your favorite crafts in each of them. You can place their old baby blankets, old school projects, and pictures from a while back in them. You cannot possibly put everything on display but it is important to keep some memories.

Try and create a room, like maybe a play room for your kids to display all the art in. It is okay to have your living room look nice if you do not want your kid’s artwork all over it, so make a special room for them that they can decorate. It will give them something to do and they will feel special for having their artwork displayed.

You can also give your kid’s artwork to relatives as well. As a Christmas or birthday gift, you can make a scrapbook with all of their artwork or make one with pictures of them and have them decorate around the pictures. Grandparents especially love getting handmade gifts from their grandchildren because it shows that the kids care. You can also keep some of their artwork there and give a lot of it to grandparents. It is alright to get rid of some of your child’s artwork so do not feel guilty about it. Again, you just cannot keep everything that they make. You can keep the special things and get rid of the redundant pieces of artwork.

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