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What Does Your Anti Aging Skin Cream Contain?

What does your anti aging skin cream contain? If you do not know the answer, that’s bad.

If you are just thinking about buying one of the many creams on the market, there are certain ingredients to look for and others to avoid. The ones you want are those that have proven to be effective in clinical studies. The ones you don’t want are toxic.

The ingredients list sometimes reads like a toxic waste dump to chemists that know their stuff. These are things that we shouldn’t eat, inhale or use on our skin’s surface. Just how much damage they do is anyone’s guess. It is known that many of them penetrate through the skin’s protective layers and lodge in the tissues of our bodies.

Oddly enough, some of the damaging ingredients are supposed to help protect our health. Several of the benzene-derived sunscreens have been shown to damage cellular DNA when exposed to sunlight. Benzene itself is a known carcinogen. Anything that damages or mutates cellular DNA is a possible carcinogen.

There is no reason to look for an anti aging skin cream with an SPF rating. Yet that is what most so-called experts recommend. The only proven benefit of sunscreens is to protect against sunburn. The effectiveness of the ingredients varies greatly. The best advice is to choose a broad spectrum sun block and use it when you need to. Don’t expect your creams, lotions or makeup to provide the protection you need.

Some ingredients are included only because they have a cosmetic effect. Urea is an example. It tightens the skin’s surface temporarily, but not on the long-term. It is a known irritant that should be avoided according to health researchers.

An effective anti aging skin cream ingredient is Functional Keratin. It does not tighten the skin’s surface temporarily. It improves the skin’s firmness by over 40% after 18 days of regular use according to results from clinical trials.

An ineffective ingredient is the protein collagen. It is a denatured protein that cannot provide nourishment to the skin’s cells. Applying it directly does nothing to improve the symptoms of low collagen levels, which include sagging, increased translucence and dark under eye circles.

An effective compound is avocado extract. It was shown in a study to increase the amount of collagen present in the faces of volunteers. This provided numerous benefits.

You can find an anti aging skin cream for nighttime use that contains avocado extract, Functional Keratin and wakame kelp extracts. Wakame kelp is beneficial in day creams, too. It contains a nutrient called fucoxanthin, which was recently shown to inhibit inflammatory activity that leads to age spots and uneven pigmentation.

The best advice is to learn about the manufacturer’s skincare philosophy. What was the research and development team told to do?

The best companies set out to make the safest, most nourishing and most effective anti aging skin cream. They did not arrive at their formulas by accident. They planned to make the best and succeeded.

Valerie Rosenbaum has spent years searching for the best anti aging skincare products available. The skin care product line she discovered uses a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients like Cynergy TK and wakame kelp. To learn more visit her skin creams website.

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