The 6 Best Anti Aging Longevity Herbs of All Time

It is inevitable that people age. This natural process affects everyone. Most Americans are aging much more quickly than expected according to the National Center For Health. This report currently shows that American’s are in the 42nd spot amongst 191 nations.

According to studies, chronic stress is one of the largest contributing factors to the aging process. It is a major element that can trigger some specific aging processes in the body. There are 2 main types of stress.

The first type of stress is psychological. Many crave more stimulation of their mind and speed.

The second type of stress is physiological. This is due to a more sedentary lifestyle. The inactivity and being lazy combined with more processed foods and drinks containing chemicals causes undue stress on the body.

These constant stresses interfere with the natural ability of the body to adjust and balance itself out in a stressful situation. Thus it compromises the immune system and the endocrine system.

There are two main ways to combat stress.

The first of these is by lifestyle changes.

A healthy diet that focuses on healthy foods, along with a great fitness plan will go far in helping a person de stress. Using Adaptogens which are potent herbal remedies will enhance both the immune system and the hormone activity of your body and help to boost the energy levels. This in turn can help cells to repair and regenerate.

Here are 6 of the best adaptogenic herbs for longevity.


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This is a natural herb that is used to manage many diseases. It is traced back to ancient Indian Ayurveda healing treatments.

Used to treat insomnia, dementia, arthritis, depression, anxiety and some respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchitis it is also credited with killing cancer cells and minimizing the toxicity of chemo treatments.

Siberian Ginseng or Eleutherg

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This herb is often called the adaptogen King. Over 3000 articles tout its ability and potency.

Frequently used to boost energy and enhance endurance, it can help regulate blood pressure and sugar levels in the body.

A powerful performer it will improve the body’s ability to heal and enhance endurance.


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Dating back to ancient Asia, ginseng has been used for medicine since anyone can remember. With a lot of great reviews and scientific data it is classified in two species. Panax ginseng and panax quinquefolius. Referred to as Asian and American ginseng.

Ideal to enhance muscle power, improve endurance and increase the response time for the body it also boosts immunity and helps the heart to function properly and regulates blood sugars.

Another great benefit is that it will help to enhance recovery from pneumonia and bronchitis and colds. It can alleviate chronic stress caused by depression as well. Asian ginseng will boost the energy that is required for athletes and improve endurance. Ideal to restore adrenal activity and improve motor skills.

Rhaponticum or Maral Root

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One of the best herbs for boosting energy and revered by many athletes, this is a great herb for strength and power. It improves and strengthens muscles and synthesizes muscle cells.

Ideal for cardiothoracic disorders as well as central nervous disorders. It wil increase the appetite and improve sleep. You’ll boost your endurance for strain and other conditions.

Very powerful for anyone who is healing from a trauma or surgery.


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Many studies suggest that adaptogen is very similar to ginseng or eleutherq. For this reason it’s quite popular and one of the more sought after energy boosters for Russian athletes.

It is also said to improve brain power and increase blood circulation enhancing both physical and mental health. It will also boost immune systems and cardiothoracic systems.

It is important to note however, that it is only safe when used in combination with other adaptogens. Otherwise it can be detrimental.


Oregon's Wild Harvest Schisandra Capsules, Non-GMO Organic Herbal Supplements (Packaging May Vary), 90 Count

Dating back to ancient times, Russian and Asian countries often used this herb. The berries and the seeds both are used however, the seeds are much more potent.

Great to improve fatigue and help with the liver and detoxing the body.

Many studies believe it also enhances the eyes and helps them adjust to darkness thus improving night vision.