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Pre-Paid Funeral Package to Buy or Not to Buy is the Dilemma?

Why Buy a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan?

Never in history would anyone have considered purchasing a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. We know the pharaohs’ were into funeral planning in a big way and built huge tombs to accommodate their kings. The Vikings would burn their boats in an effort to carry out a Viking burial at sea. In the past either you had plenty of money like the pharaohs’ to have an extravagant funeral or dying was not an expensive cost as many people were either buried or cremated within a shroud.

Skip forward to 2014 and the expense of dying has increased faster than the rate of inflation. Well the solution lies in the fact that 7 years ago the typical funeral cost less than £2,000 and today a typical cost is around £3,500. *as found by Mintel Research. It’s astounding to think that the price of a funeral has increased by around 60% in barely seven years whilst incomes have stagnated during this time period. The latest statistics from Mintel Research further suggest that the price of standard funeral in 2020 will likely be around the £6,220 if the trend continues.

Speaking with people who have previously been bereaved I found that £5,600 was a price being paid today for some funerals in England today. A man I was talking to recently said that it cost him approximately £10,000 to have his sons’ body repatriated from Germany and buried in Manchester.

Dying today is becoming expensive and leaves all of us thinking what the price of a funeral may be when we die and will we be able to afford it? This is more concern for pensioners that happen to be retired on a fixed pension and limited savings.

Just what Does A Pre-Paid Funeral Package Provide?

By buying a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan you’re buying your funeral director’s services at today’s prices no matter any future price increases. You are effectively fixing your funeral director’s services costs at today’s prices with a guarantee that there’ll be no more to pay in the future. This really is good when considering that we’re all being told through the press that we are living longer.

Knowing that you have a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan means you can rest assured in the knowledge that your funeral arrangements have been dealt with in advance. This will provide you with ‘peace of mind’ that your affairs are in order and will hopefully limit the agony and emotional stress caused to your family at the time of your death.

Most married people don’t realise that when a partner dies their joint bank account is frozen. As a result the surviving partner won’t be able to make any withdrawals until probate has been concluded. Probate can take from several months to several years to be complete dependent upon the Will. This causes a lot of stress for the remaining partner as it leaves them locked out of their joint bank and savings accounts with no methods to pay the mortgage, council tax and any other daily living costs. In actual fact when anyone passes away their bank-accounts are frozen until probate has been completed

Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans let you choose from over 3,000 local funeral directors country wide to look after your funeral arrangements. You can also plan your cremation or burial service down to the final detail, like deciding on:

1. the type of coffin

2. whether you want to be buried or cremated

3. if you want flowers or charitable contributions towards your chosen charity

4. 1 or 2 chauffeur driven funeral limousine

5. the kind of cremation or burial service

6. whether you would like religious service with hymns or just your much-loved blues band playing you out at the end.

Surprisingly you will find there’s pre-paid funeral plan available to suit most budgets. You can pick to pay in advance or over Twelve months to Ten years or just a set monthly sum until they’re 90 years of age or until they pass away, whichever happens sooner.

Please note that each Pre-Paid Funeral Package includes an allowance towards the fees for burial or cremation and the recommended payments to doctors and the officiant. Any additional requirements like an organist or choir, or an additional ceremony elsewhere from the crematorium, will incur additional charges. Pre-Paid Funeral Package do not include the acquisition of a grave, but include an allocation towards the opening of a new grave. Have a look at Golden Charter’s conditions and terms for more information.

Another great reason to order a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is that Golden Charter guarantees you will be accepted with no health restrictions.

The only limitation with paying a fixed monthly amount is that the plan-holder does need to live in excess of 24 months in order that the undertaker service’s to be covered under the terms and conditions of the monthly agreement. In the unfortunate situation that a client should pass away before the 2 years is completed then Golden Charter will reimburse all the monthly payments made along with an added 20% and the chosen undertaker can continue to carry out the service as defined within the original plan.

To purchase A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan or Not Was the first Question?

We started this post inquiring whether you should buy a Pre-Paid Funeral Package or not? Chances are I am sure you have realised the numerous benefits provided by Golden Charter and you’ll have viewed the video about why you should consider buying a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. With a Pre-Paid Funeral Plans set up you can start living your life knowing you have ‘peace of mind’ that your final plans will be looked after.

Every Talk Money Blog reader choosing to purchase a Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plan by way of any link on our blog ar website will be eligible for a FREE Standard ‘Personal Will’ professionally written valued at £49.95. To claim your ‘Free Personal Will’ simply click the Silver Button below and leave your details and phone number so we can arrange to have your Free Personal Will professionally written. Any partners ordering two Pre-Paid Funeral Package can choose to have their personal Wills mirrored at no extra cost by Talk Money Blog.

Contributing author Mark Aucamp has been providing Talk Money Blog with regular Money advice and comments. Mark has extensive experience in providing Debt Management, Quick Mortgage Advice, Wills and estate planning and prepaid funeral planning as well as other money matters.

Contributing author Mark Aucamp has been providing Talk Money Blog with regular Money advice and comments. Mark has extensive experience in providing Debt Management, Quick Mortgage Advice, Wills and estate planning and prepaid funeral planning as well as other money matters.

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