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Have You Found Effective Anti Wrinkle Creams or Serums?

If you are still searching for the best anti wrinkle cream out there to get rid of those wrinkles around your eyes, you should take a moment to consider the following information.

No matter what your age, it is completely reasonable to wish for healthier, younger looking skin. There are a multitude of problems that can affect the appearance of your skin whether you are young or old. From acne and scars, to dehydration and sagging, each condition is open to improvement provided the right treatment.

There are many kinds of products designed to prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Home facials, chemical peels, masks and tonics. Many of them contain sophisticated ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, keratin or elastin. Manufacturers invariably make fantastic claims and invest on elaborate advertising campaigns to promote their goods. Consumers believe the publicity and they try the products hoping that the promises will come true. It is, indeed, a multimillion dollar industry.

You are not alone as a shopper if you have, at one time or another, experienced disappointment and frustration. There is much hype and misinformation when it comes to the effectiveness of these products. Don’t feel bad, but inform yourself before you purchase yet another item. I would like to offer a bit of simple advice that will hopefully help in navigating this treacherous sea of potions and lotions.

First of all, beware of ingredients that are useless as anti aging agents. Often times, these substances cannot penetrate the skin because of their high-molecular weight. The most common and expensive being collagen and elastin. It is true that they will not harm your skin, but you are paying a premium for nothing.

It is essential to understand that skin aging takes place on a biological level and it is a natural process. There are numerous factors that play a role: free-radical damage, changes in fat content of your skin, changes in collagen production, dehydration and degradation of the elastin as well as external factors such as smoking or excessive sun exposure that result in damaged skin. No cosmetic product will eliminate the aging process completely. What the right, effective product can do for you is revive your skin to a state of healthy, fresh appearance that will be clearly noticeable to you and those around you.

A simple, no gimmick formula that plainly records all the ingredients is a good place to start. An unpretentious exterior is also a very good sign. You should not be paying for the box or fancy bottle, but rather for the honest content of the merchandise. Exaggerated claims are a red flag as well. A trustworthy company will invest on the quality of the product rather than on celebrity endorsements and pricey campaigns.

Also keep in mind that your skin regenerates from the inside out. Bad habits will interfere with any benefit you might derive from the constant use of cosmetics. At the very least, you should not smoke and try to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

These seem like very common sense tips and, indeed they are. Follow them next time you are on the market for a good cosmetic and you will not become a casualty of aggressive marketing.

Valerie Rosenbaum is an expert author on the topic of anti wrinkle skin care products. After years of research, the skin care products she recommends use all natural ingredients in an Anti-Aging Serum. To learn more visit her website

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