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Describing the Use of Anti Aging Creams and the Main Ingredients in Them

As We Go Through With Our Daily Activities, Most Of The Time We Fail To Lose Sight On The Fact That Our Skin Is Constantly Exposed To Wear And Tear.

As we go through with our daily activities, most of the time we fail to lose sight on the fact that our skin is constantly exposed to wear and tear. So many factors are at play which sooner or later lead us, sometimes most desperately, to aggressive skin treatments. Here are some of the common and usually overlooked mistakes which can lead to premature skin aging.

Causes and Habits That Promote Premature Skin Aging

Do you get into the daily grind fueled by caffeine? Most people would admit to saying that coffee can pick them out of their stupor, but becoming dependent on it for everyday use can take a toll on skin health. Caffeine is the active alkaloid component in coffee which makes it the best pick-me-upper and it is also teeming with antioxidants but given that you limit your cups daily. When you rely on coffee too much that you drink it more than once or twice a day, there is a high chance that you end up dehydrating your skin. And mind you, dry skin is more prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Another habit that can cause poor skin health is when you forget to remove makeup before going to bed. Sometimes we might get too tired that we just want to dive right into bed and snooze. But when you have the habit to put on layers of makeup, and unable to wash it off before sleeping you can cause the pores to clog with dirt and oil build-up which can cause acne. Aside from forming those unflattering blemishes, unwashed makeup can also cause drying effect on the skin.

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If you love to munch on junk foods that you eat it too often, you load your body with too much salt content. And just like caffeine, it is a potent diuretic which in effect causes you to lose so much water in your body. This will leave you with dry skin making it look paled and washed out. It also makes you more at risk to form wrinkles.

The way you wash your skin can also affect its condition in the long run. For instance when you dry it by rubbing a towel vigorously on your face, you scratch the sensitive layer of your skin which can become fine lines and wrinkles later on in life. So to avoid this, it would be best to only pat your skin dry instead of rubbing.

With the condition of our atmosphere we have today, and the kind of protection we are getting from the harmful UV rays from the sun, it is very important that we wear sunscreen daily. It is a known fact that sun exposure can hasten skin aging; therefore give your skin all the protection it needs. A sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 will act as a good shield to your skin. Even on winter days, the sun can still be so strong which most people is unable to realize causing their skin to be more exposed to UV rays unprotected.

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Have you been burning midnight candles trying to meet deadlines or paperwork’s? Or simply partying the night away? Doing this on a regular basis, this can lead you to discover those faint lines starting to form on your face. In addition to that, the lack of rest can weaken the cells, particularly on the skin, and in effect it gives you that overall tired and washed out appearance.

One of the problems which are true in a lot of men and women is smoking. Habitual smoking is not a new thing and it is one hard habit to break. But continuously doing this can cause grave damage to your skin because the nicotine and other chemicals found in the cigarette gradually destroy collagen and elastin. These are the very components that cause the skin to look young, plump and supple. Smoking destroys the tiny blood vessels supplying oxygen to your skin making it look dull and sallow.

We may fall guilty to most of the things mentioned above; therefore it would be high time that you prevent doing it now that you know its long term effects on skin health. You can drop mounds of cash for a year’s supply of creams, anti-wrinkle serums, or types of facial cosmetic surgery to look younger, but even if these methods are effective they can only last as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Buying an anti aging cream

Skin signs caused by a normal aging or a premature aging process are many and different.

Skin signs caused by a normal aging or a premature aging process are many and different. Wrinkles are quite common and they are called Rhytids as well. They can appear pre-maturely because of the exposure to the damaging UV rays of the sun, stress, poor diet and other factors. Wrinkles are removed using anti aging creams.

They are also good cures for skin-aging effects such as sagging, redness, yellowing caused by sun, brown discolorations, ugly texture and strange growths. Although the demand for these products is very high, some of them are not very effective and do not provide lasting results. According to a few past studies findings, the top performing products were found to minimize wrinkles up to ten percent or below within three months of use.

In addition, some researchers found out that some of the cheapest creams in the marketplace are just as good at removing facial blemishes as the expensive types. Anti aging creams are usually moisturizers that are made to eliminate many types of blemishes from the skin to make it appear lovely and younger. While in the past these items were made for ladies only, today men are considered as well.

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When buying an anti aging cream, one should focus on the ingredients that a product consists of. Retinol is the most important ingredient for getting rid of fine lines and enlarged pores. Most products have retinol as the main formula for elimination of blemishes. The next one is called an antioxidant, a substance that mainly protects the skin cells from damage caused by free radicals.

These molecules are blamed for wrinkles, changes in pigmentation, facial flaws and other problems. Epidermal growth factor is also another item that people should focus on. It consists of fifty-three different amino-acids that arouse generation of collagen (gives the deeper layers of the skin firmness and shape) and facilitate regeneration of cells. This repairs the skin by making it more elastic and shapely. In addition, the epidermal growth factor is known to have anti-inflammatory qualities that ensure quick healing of burns and wounds. When deeper layers of the skin are restored to their normal firmness and structure the visible outer layer is likely to look smooth, firm and moisturized.

Chemical peels dissolve the intracellular sticky substance that sticks the dead unwanted cells together on the skin. Their role is mainly to exfoliate the epidermis to get rid of dead cells and expose the newer ones. This can eventually enhance the appearance although not without some forms of irritation such as flaking and redness. Sunscreen is included in various products and its role is to protect the epidermis from the damaging Ultra Violet radiation that is known to cause wrinkles. Anti aging creams contain some vitamins including Vitamin C for skin repair and quick healing of blemishes.

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This element is found in many fruits but a lot of it can be found in lemons and oranges. Vitamin C makes the skin appear smooth, hydrated and healthy. There are many other ingredients, including peptides in these creams, but the ones explained above are very important. Knowing that the best additives are in a cream is not sufficient. Men and women need to pay attention to the concentration of each ingredient in a product. If a product has high concentration of chemical peels a buyer should think twice.

This kind of product can make the skin susceptible to the UV radiation damage. A high amount of vitamin C is fine because this element boosts healing of wounds and other facial blemishes. It also boosts the firmness as it encourages more production of collagen in the deeper layers.

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