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Are Brand Name Sagging Skin Creams the Best?

What brand of sagging skin cream should you buy? While the major manufacturers certainly have their versions of this product, you could spend less, see better results and have fewer adverse reactions if you buy from a smaller company instead.

At one time, we thought that a big brand name was a name we could trust. After all, they could never have become such profitable companies if they weren’t doing a good job. Could they?

Many of us thought that the FDA would never allow a US cosmetic company to sell something that wasn’t safe. We assumed that the companies would be liable for false advertising, if their claims were not true.

We relied on word-of-mouth of recommendations from our friends for many years. Somewhere along the line, we began to think that celebrities were our friends too and we could trust their recommendations.

Big cosmetic companies make big profits by using only the cheapest ingredients. They are not required to prove their claims, because they are not regulated in the same way that drugs are regulated. They are not required to prove that an ingredient is safe. They are only required to include a label that says “this ingredient has not been tested for safety”.

If the sagging skin cream you are thinking about buying is endorsed by a celebrity spokesperson, you are paying for that endorsement. Cosmetic companies spend a larger portion of their budget on advertising and marketing than anything else.

So, the first step to get the best price is to avoid anything that is endorsed by a celebrity, has a designer label, appears in glossy magazine ads or is advertised on TV. Why pay for the companies advertising?

To get something effective, you need to know which ingredients to look for. You can do your own research about sagging skin cream ingredients, but judging from the latest clinical trials, the most effective ingredients are RIGIN and Functional Keratin, which improve the skin’s firmness and elasticity by 40% or more with continued use.

To get something safe, you can learn and memorize a long list of hazardous compounds or you can look for a company that has signed the “Compact for Safe Cosmetics”. The big companies have been contacted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, but have refused to sign.

Many small companies agree with the Campaign’s philosophy. Toxic chemicals, heavy metals, compounds that cause birth defects and known or suspected carcinogens should not be included in sagging skin cream or anything else that we put on our bodies.

The safest choice is a non-allergenic, fragrance-free product preserved with natural vitamin E. There are products like that on the market. You just won’t find them at your local discount department store.

The internet has made it easier to find and order effective products at affordable prices. The smaller companies that would have been run out of business at one time are able to compete online. So, now you know what to look for in sagging skin cream and where to find it.

Valerie Rosenbaum has spent years searching for the best anti wrinkle creams. The products she discovered use a proprietary blend of natural ingredients like extrapone nutgrass root to even out skin pigmentation. To learn more visit

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