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4 Foods That Crush Aging


Why kids don’t like Cabbage, Spinach and the like I’ll never know. As a kid from the country there was plenty of both, plus Carrots, Turnips and Potatoes.

It is surprising though how many people don’t like vegetables in any form. The School dining hall would buzz with moans and groans when Swede or Kale was on the menu, and although the dinner ladies would never mash the vegetables with pepper, salt and butter as my mom did, the vegetable were nevertheless, to me, extremely palatable soaked in gravy.

As an adult the only vegetable I have discarded is the potato; well, not completely, but I only have a baked potato occasionally since it is mostly starch, and turn to sugar when it is digested. But sweet potatoes have taken King Edwards place in my life, and in small portions there are no ill effects on my waistline.


I’m glad to say greens are still cheap, but the move these days is to include blueberries and nuts in your daily diet. They are full of antioxidants to fight those vicious free radicals and they keep your skin looking young and springy. Add Berries to your anti-aging diet, and throw a handful into a pot of yogurt as a healthy snack, or slice up an apple and dip it in peanut butter (my favorite midday snack). Get the good quality stuff as there is some atrocious sugar contaminated PNB on the market made in Asia. You won’t escape sugar and salt but there is moderation.


Apart from the vitamins and minerals in vegetables, there is also an abundance of good stuff in fruit. Just substituting more fruit and veggies can protect your vision from UVA sunlight, and as you age you will have stronger bones—maybe keep your teeth longer too. You’ll need those for the apples.


The nutrition experts are still telling us to eat whole grains; brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats, and other cereals to help us stay slim, due to the fiber’s role in controlling appetite. The low glycemic numbers of grains may also play a role in keeping insulin under control, and together with the greens and fruit we can keep healthy.

Research has also shown that whole-grain products protect against diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and high blood pressure. These benefits are provided by the vitamins, minerals and fiber provided by eating plants. The wholeness nutrition in the grains is the value that is lacking in refined white flour products, so the general advice is to go brown; well go greens first anyway—with some fruit.

Basically an anti-aging diet is just eating sensibly. If you must eat fast food, prepare it yourself and freeze it in a plastic bag. Even a leg of chicken in half a bag of sauce or gravy will still taste good straight from the freezer. And at least if you fry it in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you will know it has not been in the pan of continuously heated fat for weeks on end. Believe me your fast food is the best.

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